Amazon Loop Interview

Snagging a job at Amazon is considered a real accomplishment. Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and generated ~$500B in revenue in 2021.

The Amazon interview process is, not surprisingly, competitive and pretty rigorous. The Amazon interview process has several stages, including a recruiting screen, a first round interview, and a final round interview. The final round interview is also known as the Amazon Loop interview which refers to the fact you will “loop” through several interviewers. This article will share more about the Amazon Loop interview and how to ace the interview.

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What Is The Amazon Loop Interview?

The Amazon Loop interview is the final round interview at Amazon and before COVID the final round interview was also in person. The Amazon Loop interview will feature 2-9 interviewers that you “loop” through. Throughout the interview, they will assess whether you can raise the bar for Amazon’s employees, exude the Amazon principles, and can succeed in the role. If you are interviewing for two roles / teams, you may receive an Amazon Split Loop interview where a portion of the interviewers will be from one hiring group and a portion will be for a second hiring group.

Amazon Loop Interview Success Rate

The statistics surrounding the Amazon Loop interview success rate are not published. However, according to Misha Yurchenko, the author of “Cracking the Code”, the success rate aka the percentage of candidates that receive a job offer following the Amazon Loop interview is 20%.

Amazon Loop Interview Process

The Amazon Loop interview process can be broken down into a few discrete parts:

  1. During the interview, one of your interviewers will be the “bar raiser.” The bar raiser has received specialized training for interviewing candidates and assesses whether you can “raise the bar” across the current employees.
  2. Some of the other interviewers will be from the team for which you are interviewing. They will assess whether you can do well in the job you are interviewing for and if you are a cultural fit. Other interviewers may be from other departments and are testing cultural fit.
  3. After the Amazon Loop interview process: The interviewers will debrief and try to come to a near unanimous decision on whether you should get the offer letter. Generally, the bar raiser will lead the debrief discussion.

Amazon Loop Interview Results

You may be wondering – how long does it take to hear back after the Amazon Loop interview or when will you receive the Amazon Loop interview results. Well, generally, you will hear back in 2-5 working days. When you get your results, you may also receive feedback on your performance.

Amazon Loop Interview Preparation

There are several ways to prepare for your Amazon Loop interview:

General fit interview prep, e.g.,

    • Know your resume inside and out.
    • Have a clear elevator pitch.
    • For Management Consulted’s full fit interview guide, please see here.
    • Network with people at Amazon, including people, ideally, in your target group.
    • Prepare for case interviews.

Amazon specific prep, e.g.,

    • Prepare stories that speak to how you embody each of the Amazon principles. When practicing your stories, it is helpful to use the STAR framework. For Management Consulted’s full fit interview guide, please see here.
    • Have a very clear answer for why you want to work at Amazon and in the specific group.
    • Consider reading additional materials on the Amazon interview, e.g., Misha Yurchenko wrote a book around cracking the Amazon interview which you can find here.

Amazon Loop Interview Tips

The Amazon Loop interview is like any other interview, so the Amazon Loop interview tips will be similar to interview tips for other firms. Tips include:

  • Be confident
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Organize your answers clearly and speak in a structured way
  • Dress the part
  • Smile

For Management Consulted’s interview tips, please see here.

Amazon Loop Interview Questions

Some of the Amazon Loop behavioral interview questions can be centered around Amazon’s Leadership Principles. For a recap of Amazon’s Leadership principles, see Management Consulted’s debrief here. Sample Amazon Loop Interview questions may include:

For the customer obsession principle:

    • How do you think about client relationships?
    • How do you foster these relationships?
    • How do you handle conflict in relationships?

For the ownership principle:

    • Tell me about a time when you were entrepreneurial and owned a task that was not in your purview?
    • How do you approach ambiguous tasks?

How To Get Virtual Internship

If you’re wondering – how do I get a virtual internship? Well, the key to get a virtual Amazon internship is to crack each interview. To crack the interview it is important to; have clear and specific stories around why you want to work at Amazon, exude all of the Amazon principles, show how you drove impact, etc.

How To Prepare For A Virtual Internship

Not surprisingly, there is not one cut and dry way to prepare for the Amazon virtual internships. In addition, given you will learn so much on the job, it can be difficult to fully prepare for these virtual internships. That being said, a few ways to prepare include:

    • Brushing up on Excel skills, including Excel shortcuts.
    • Understanding Amazon’s performance by reading the annual report and 10-Qs.


The Amazon Loop interview is the final round interview for Amazon. The interview consists of several interviewers, including the hiring manager and the bar raiser, “looping” through and interviewing you. The Amazon Loop interview will especially test if you exude the Amazon Leadership Principles and if you can raise the bar of the Amazon employees. For this interview, it is especially important to have your fit stories down pat and be able to tie the stories to the Amazon Leadership Principles. To prepare for the Amazon Loop interview with ex-MBB consultants, please click here.


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