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Alpha FMC is a global consulting firm with almost 1000 consultants, specializing in the Asset & Wealth Management and Insurance industries. In a dynamic and challenging business environment characterized by consolidation, digitization, shrinking margins, and automation, Alpha equips its clients with smart strategies to navigate the future. Whether it’s dealing with complex client demands or outperforming competitors, Alpha FMC empowers businesses to thrive and stay ahead.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: London, UK
Firm Number of Employees: 1000
Firm Number of Locations: 17
Firm Chief Executive: Luc Baqué
Firm Revenue: $227 million

Alpha FMC History

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting, a UK-based firm listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange, is a leading global provider of specialized consultancy. Founded in 2003, the company has experienced significant growth due to its skill and proprietary benchmarking data, serving clients in the financial sectors it operates within. As demand for its services continues to grow, Alpha remains well-positioned to meet the industry’s needs and sustain its expansion.

Alpha FMC Careers

Alpha FMC careers follow a pretty standard path and involve the usual positions and order of career advancement. Let’s get into the details.

Alpha FMC Internship

Alpha isn’t very clear about its internship information, but its careers page has a review from a former intern, and there’s one review from June 2023 on Glassdoor from someone who interviewed to intern but didn’t receive an offer. It should be fair to assume that open positions will be posted at the beginning of the next recruitment cycle.

Practice Areas

Alpha practice areas are the following:

  • Benchmarking
  • Operations & Outsourcing
  • M&A
  • Investments
  • Reg Compliance & Risk
  • Client & Digital
  • Investment Guidelines
  • FinTech & Innovation
  • ETF & Indexing
  • ESG & Responsible Investment
  • Finance Transformation
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Retail Distribution & Advice


Alpha FMC stays broadly within the wealth management and insurance:

  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Asset Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Platforms and Intermediaries
  • Service Providers
  • Asset Owners
  • Alternatives
  • Insurance
  • Pensions and Retail Investments
  • Life and Health
  • General Insurance and Specialty

Alpha FMC Locations

There are 17 Alpha offices:

North America
    • New York, New York
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Denver, Colorado
    • San Francisco, California
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • London, United Kingdom
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Paris, France
    • Zurich, Switzerland
    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Luxembourg
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Frankfurt, Germany
Asia Pacific
    • Singapore
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • Sydney, Australia

Career Path

Alpha lays out its career trajectory clearly, stating it only promotes based on merit and qualified individuals will always move up. The progression is, in ascending order:

  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Associate Director
  • Director

Exit Opportunities

Jumping into other consulting roles would make sense for those leaving Alpha FMC, as well positions in investment banking. Much exposure to the finance industry and its operations would set up individuals well for that kind of shift.

Target Schools

Being headquartered in London, many employees at Alpha FMC have attended schools in the United Kingdom, including the following:

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Durham University
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Oxford
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • UCL
  • University of Bath

Diversity Programs

In 2018, Alpha’s Diversity & Inclusion program initiated a formal partnership with The Sutton Trust, a pioneering educational charity committed to enhancing social mobility and promoting equality of opportunity through practical, evidence-based initiatives, along with extensive research and policy advocacy.

Alpha FMC Culture

Employee reviews on Glassdoor share that management does a good job providing growth opportunities and hard work is usually rewarded. It also sounds like Alpha industry involvement skews heavily toward asset management, leaving some wishing for more variety in clients and projects.

Alpha FMC Interview

Several rounds and typical industry questions: the Alpha interview. Let’s get into it.

Interview Process

Alpha interviews are often four rounds, beginning with an online assessment or video interview, followed by a behavioral round with HR or a manager. Some candidates attend a Super Day, most receive a case in one of the final rounds, usually involving some data analysis in Excel as well as creating slides for presentation. Some applicants received both an individual case and group case, though not all. Previous interviewees have been asked these questions:

  • Have you ever had to deal with a difficult colleague? Tell us how you handled that situation.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Describe a challenge you faced and how you overcame it.
  • What’s the difference between asset and wealth management?
  • Why do you want to do consulting?
  • What skills do you have relevant to consulting and how have you developed them?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • Why do you think you fit in this role?

Alpha FMC Salary

Salaries at Alpha look similar to MBB in some ways, but it isn’t clear if the Consultant salary Glassdoor lists is a base offer out of undergrad, or a later point that more experienced consultants reach. Alpha compensation is still usually satisfactory and can grow over time. Glassdoor estimates the following numbers:

  • Alpha FMC Consultant: $149,597
  • Alpha FMC Analyst: $92,813
  • Alpha FMC Senior Manager: $211,217
  • Alpha FMC SEO/Copywriting: $94,787
  • Alpha FMC Manager: $191,348

See our salaries report for more information on firms’ compensation.


With a strong focus on navigating the dynamic business landscape, Alpha FMC empowers its clients to stay ahead and thrive. The firm’s growth has been fueled by its consulting expertise and successful track record, instilling trust in prospective clients. It’s a solid career option for those interested in consulting within finance.


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