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Alexander Group is a private consulting firm which specializes in revenue growth. They primarily work with marketing, sales, and service organizations to design custom solutions. According to previous employees, it has built its team atmosphere well, allowing for actual personal progress for its employees. Its smaller size helps leadership manage their team well and allow for more individualized mentorship.

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  1. Alexander Group Key Stats
  2. Alexander Group History
  3. Alexander Group Careers
  4. Alexander Group Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Office Locations
  8. Target Schools
  9. Diversity Programs
  10. Exit Opportunities
  11. Alexander Group Culture
  12. Alexander Group Interview
  13. Alexander Group Salary

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Alexander Group Key Stats

  • Firm Website:
  • Firm Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Firm Number of Employees: 247
  • Firm Number of Locations: 7
  • Firm Chief Executive: Alex Dean
  • Firm Revenue: $25 Million

Alexander Group History

Alexander Group was founded in 1984 by Gary Tubridy, who now serves as senior vice president, and two other partners. Tubridy began his career at IBM, where he says he learned the importance of selling and sales functions. He then went back to school and started working for a small consulting firm which centered around human resources with a small practice in sales effectiveness. In an interview, Tubridy said, “The concept of Sales Effectiveness is what led me to found the Alexander Group.” He felt there were complexities within sales that weren’t always being explored and properly handled, and built Alexander group around demystifying those practices.

Alexander Group Careers

Careers with Alexander Group have been designed with upward mobility in mind. Their careers page gives an overview of the trajectory they envision for employees. Many people start as analysts, where they become familiar with the systems and inner workings of the company before moving on to Associate Consultant, followed by a Consultant role. Manager, Director, and Principal are further possibilities. Promotion is always dependent on performance and open positions, of course, but it’s helpful for applicants to see where a career could go. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a role you feel you’ve outgrown.

Alexander Group Internship

Alexander Group offers internships in the summer for students and recent grads. These opportunities are excellent for giving young people work experience without as much commitment as full time employment. These involve “close” coaching, hands-on experience with clients, and the potential for an employment offer at the end of it.

Practice Areas

    • Revenue Growth Strategy
    • Digital Transformation
    • Commercial Analytics
    • Coverage
    • Organization and Job Design
    • Implementation and Change Adoption
    • Sales Compensation
    • Sizing and Territory Design
    • Sales Quotas
    • Revenue and Commercial Operations


    • Business Services
    • Distribution
    • Healthcare
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Sciences
    • Manufacturing
    • Media Sales
    • Private Equity
    • Technology

Office Locations

    • Atlanta, GA
    • Chicago, IL
    • London, United Kingdom
    • New York, NY
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Scottsdale, AZ
    • Vero Beach, FL

Target Schools

    • Emory University – Goizueta Business School
    • The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
    • University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business
    • UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
    • Texas McCombs School of Business

Diversity Programs

Alexander Group has a program called Women at AGI which helps foster relationships between women at the company. It provides space for mentoring and network opportunities, and hopes to create a healthy environment where dialogue is open and transparent.
However, they don’t have any measures in place for hiring based on diversity.

Exit Opportunities

Alexander Group is on the smaller end of the consulting firm size spectrum. Because of that, interested parties shouldn’t necessarily count on a massive connected network with potential exit opportunities to be a standard benefit of employment. The company would likely prepare you well for future consulting positions, especially related to revenue growth, but in other specialties as well.

Alexander Group Culture

Employees at Alexander Group most often share they’ve had good experiences with their work-life balance and team culture. The firm does a good job of providing collaborative feedback and offering constructive feedback. This helps their teams to grow in individualized ways. The schedule can be demanding, but you’re going to find this just about everywhere in consulting. According to Tubridy, their motto is “nothing happens until the sale is made,” so they prioritize making sure clients are getting what they’re asking for, and challenge and train employees to be able to follow through.

Alexander Group Interview

Interviews with Alexander Group may have up to four rounds, including one with a recruiter or manager, one with HR, one to cover behaviorals, and potentially a technical or case interview. Most past interviewees said they felt the process was fair and professional.

Alexander Group Salary

Salaries always vary by location, position, and details of a specific offer, but here are some estimates.

  • Consultant: $107,496
  • Associate consultant: $97,637
  • Business analyst: $95,041
  • Mechanical engineer: $89,031

Alexander Group Salaries are a little bit under the MBB firms at the entry level. For a full list of consulting firm salaries, see our Consulting Salaries Report here.


Alexander Group has a laser focus on their strength, revenue growth. Applicants can expect to receive great personalized feedback that will be conducive to career growth, a good team atmosphere, and a likely satisfying stint with the firm. The projected career mobility and built-in opportunities for taking on new roles and responsibility will be attractive to anyone with a long term perspective who prefers to stay with one firm over the years.


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