Advanced Networking For Consulting – Video Overview

This is the second installment of a two-part overview. If you haven’t already gone through the first part, we recommend you start there.

As an undergrad, a former MBB consultant once told me, “In the consulting hiring process, networking is everything.”

Although his statement was exaggerated – yes, grades, alma matter, work experience, and a number of other factors still come into play throughout the hiring process – networking plays a more significant role than most realize in determining who gets a first round interview and later, in who gets hired. 

As consultants interact with all sorts of people (clients, CEOs, industry experts, coworkers) on a regular basis, firms look to hire those with substantial interpersonal skills. As a result, consultants will evaluate the way you network with them as a barometer of your interpersonal abilities.  

In the following videos, we will expand on the basic networking strategies for consulting. We’ll share:

  • The different approaches you can take to network with consultants
  • How to network with consultants you are acquainted with
  • How to network with consultants you’ve never met
  • How to drive your networking efforts to a coffee or call
  • What to do when you’re having coffee or on the phone with a consultant

Ready to get started? Here we go:

Consulting Networking Map

Warm Networking

Cold Email Networking For Consulting

Conducting A Consulting Informational Interview

That concludes our public video series on networking. If you’re wanting to apply at a management consulting firm soon and would like personal assistance from ex-MBB consultants, you can book a Power Half Hour with us here. In addition to 30 minutes with us, you’ll receive a free copy of the Consulting Networking Bible – an 88-page networking manual that explains, step-by-step, exactly how to build relationships with consultants and recruiters and network into your dream consulting firms. The manual also includes:

  • A database of 100+ global consulting firms with detailed profiles including firm sizes, position titles, diversity groups, and email monikers.
  • 2500+ email addresses and phone numbers of recruiters, consultants, and human resource contacts
  • Email templates that work – whether it’s your first time emailing a Monitor recruiter or asking a Bain consultant for resume help
  • Call scripts that provide strategies to establish rapport and make people want to help you in your quest – regardless of how cold or hot the lead

If you would like a copy of the The Consulting Networking Bible but don’t require personal assistance, you can pick up a digital copy here.

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