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While many aspiring consultants want to work for a globally renowned firm like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, many other consultants will find themselves feeling more at home at a boutique firm. Working at a boutique firm, like Adrien Stratégie, offers the chance to build close relationships with clients and colleagues. It can offer a greater range of experiences, while also enabling you to draw from your own specialized experience more.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Adrien Stratégie—one of the top boutique firms in Paris—so you can decide if a career there is right for you.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Paris, France
Firm Number of Employees: 10-20
Firm Number of Locations: 1
Firm Chief Executive: Nicolas Ederle
Firm Revenue: $1-5 million

Adrien Stratégie History

The Adrien Stratégie history begins in 1981 with the company’s founding by Roger Couffin. Adrien Stratégie was originally conceived as a marketing consulting firm, but as they got to know their clients’ real needs and challenges, they began repositioning as a strategy consulting firm. At the time, they were the only firm offering strategy consulting exclusively to SMEs, ETIs, and family-owned businesses. This meant they had to discover and define the field.

Over time, Adrien Stratégie developed an approach built around proprietary tools for analyzing strategic value in specific sectors. The addition of Bernard Rouilly further influenced Adrien Stratégie’s approach by considering a company’s origins and its “genetic code” more deeply in making strategic decisions. In 2017, Couffin died unexpectedly, and the company has been under the leadership of Nicolas Ederle since then. Adrien Stratégie has been labeled a “Best Consulting Firm” by Capital magazine several times.

Adrien Stratégie Careers

Now let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Adrien Stratégie careers.

Adrien Stratégie Internship

There is not currently any information available about an Adrien Stratégie internship. It may be that, because the firm is relatively small, they do not currently offer an internship program.

Practice Areas

In terms of the Adrien Stratégie practice areas, the firm offers a variety of strategy consulting services that are tailored to each client’s needs. The firm describes taking a “Blue Ocean” approach built on sociological, economic, and management-level analysis. Adrien Stratégie believes every company is unique, with a singular genetic code that determines its relationship to its markets, as well as its needs, opportunities, and goals. Some companies should be focusing on growth, while others should be focusing on sustainability. Some companies need to focus on digital transformation, while others need to focus on creating or leveraging brand identity. Adrien Stratégie focuses on long-term strategic thinking first, with operational thinking emerging downstream of that.


Adrien Stratégie’s industry focus is broad, as the firm works with a range of small, medium, and intermediate-sized businesses to develop superior strategies. Adrien Stratégie touts their ability to work with clients in a variety of sectors and to help each individual company chart the best possible course toward sustainable and successful operations.

Adrien Stratégie Locations

As a boutique consulting firm, there is only one Adrien Stratégie location, which is the firm’s main office in Paris, France.

Career Path

There are two categories of employees at Adrien Stratégie. First, there is a small team of salaried consultants. Because the firm is relatively small and tight-knit, these positions don’t seem to become available very often—the firm last advertised an opening for a Senior Consultant in 2020.

The other category is “partner-expert.” These employees tend to combine some level of business acumen with a specialized field of knowledge (including the human sciences as well as different business sectors) that helps the overall Adrien Stratégie team meet its client’s needs. Adrien Stratégie is currently accepting applications for these positions.

Exit Opportunities

Adrien Stratégie has cultivated an excellent reputation for a boutique firm, earning recognition for the work they do in helping small to medium sized businesses develop a custom-tailored corporate strategy. Therefore the Adrien Stratégie exit opportunities for departing employees should be promising. You should be able to move to other boutique firms specializing in SMEs and ETIs. Depending on the clients and industries you serve with Adrien Stratégie, you should also be well positioned to work for larger firms with a similar focus.

Adrien Stratégie Culture

The Adrien Stratégie culture is defined by long-term vision that emphasizes sustainability, as opposed to short-term thinking that emphasizes factors like growth for its own sake. Adrien Stratégie is a tight-knit team that values building intimate relationships with their clients. The Adrien Stratégie culture also prizes a diversity of knowledge and perspectives, with employees drawing from a variety of business-related and academic expertise.

Adrien Stratégie Interview

Of course, if you’re considering applying for a position with Adrien Stratégie, you’ll want to learn whatever you can about the Adrien Stratégie interview.

Firm Interview Process

There is very little public information about the firm interview process at Adrien Stratégie. The firm is currently accepting applications for “partner-expert” positions. If you apply and meet their criteria, you will likely be contacted for an interview. As a boutique firm focused on maintaining their reputation and tight-knit culture, it’s likely you’ll encounter many questions about your approach to strategy consulting, your technical expertise, and your potential fit with the firm. You may also meet directly with senior employees.

Adrien Stratégie Salary

The Adrien Stratégie salary for a senior consultant, according to past employees, is €77,000-83,000 per year, which currently translates to roughly $85,000-91,000.

This puts the Adrien Stratégie salary well below some other elite firms. For example, the starting consultant salary at the Big 3 firms ranges from $110,000-112,000.

For more complete salary information for hundreds of firms, be sure to check out our 2023 Salary Report.


With so many consulting firms focusing on growth and working with the biggest possible clients, it’s easy to overlook the rewards of working for a boutique firm like Adrien Stratégie. By focusing on SMEs and ETIs, Adrien Stratégie is able to cultivate especially close relationships with clients. This can be an excellent experience for aspiring consultants, as it enables you to delve more deeply into what makes every client unique. If you’re an aspiring consultant looking to launch an impactful career helping companies design custom tailored strategies, working for a boutique firm like Adrien Stratégie might be the right fit for you.


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