Accenture Hiring News: 90K Promotions and 50K New Hires

In Q1 2022, the top tech consulting firm Accenture announced record growth to the tune of 27% revenue. What’s driving the growth? Mainly, demand for digital transformation. In addition, the firm promoted and hired a huge number of people in Q1. If you’ve ever considered Accenture, now is the time to apply because Accenture is hiring like crazy. Let’s take a closer look at Accenture’s growth.

Accenture Hiring

Recent Accenture Growth Drives Demand for Talent

Accenture hiring ran at a clip of 50,000 new employees in Q1. To put it into perspective, that number is greater than the total number of employees at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG! The firm also promoted 90,000 existing employees. This reaffirms the company’s status as top dog of technology consulting.

Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, credits the firm’s success, in part, to its commitment to training. Accenture spends $250 million on training each quarter to build up its employees’ skills.

The need for digital transformation remains a strong source of demand for Accenture services. For instance, the firm recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft to assist Mount Sinai in a five-year transformation of their health system to the cloud. Highlighting other digital strengths, Accenture recently ranked No.1 in enterprise blockchain services in a report by the analyst firm HFS Research.

According to a LinkedIn report, management consulting as an industry attracts top talent because of its willingness to pay well, have good working conditions, and ability to rally people around their missions.

Accenture Hiring Now: Apply Today

Accenture currently numbers 674,000 employees in more than 200 offices and is looking to add more immediately – the firm has lots of open positions it is trying to fill. A search for “consultant” roles in the US returns more than 850 results including roles for an Innovation Consultant, SAP Manufacturing Consultant, and Enterprise and Architecture Consultant. Check out the firm’s careers page to find an opportunity that matches your skillset. Work with our expert team to both prepare Accenture-worthy application materials (resume/cover letter) and to get ready for Accenture interviews.


Accenture’s hiring streak signals that now is the time for aspiring consultants to apply. Doubts about applying? Work with MC on resume/cover letter edits and/or interview prep coaching to break into Accenture.


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