3 Reasons To Work For Parthenon EY


Working for a Big 4 firm will open up a myriad of opportunities for you in multiple industries, and give you some of the best professional development around. Working for a dedicated, branded strategy practice inside of the Big 4? Even better!

Parthenon EY is one of our favorite branded strategy practices in the industry. On top of the PE, nonprofit/education and other exit opportunities, being at the intersection of a dedicated strategy practice area and a large Big 4 firm like EY (Ernst and Young) offers you unique advantages. Jenny Rae, ex-Bain consultant, gives 3 reasons why EY Parthenon may be a good place to work for you.

3 Reasons To Work For EY Parthenon

3 Reasons To Work For Parthenon EY- YouTube Transcription:

Parthenon EY. It’s a mouthful isn’t it? Parthenon used to be a standalone boutique consulting firm. EY, Ernst & Young, one of the world’s largest consulting, audit, and tax advisory practices in the entire world, the two of them have joined together through the acquisition of Parthenon. And we’re here today to tell you three reasons why you should work there. I’m Jenny Rae Le Roux, the Managing Director of Management Consulted, and I’m excited to talk about this because we help firms get great talent and we help talent find great firms. And so, this is a perfect match today for why, EY Parthenon is amazing.

First of all, EY Parthenon has the combination of the backing of this large global powerhouse in Ernst & Young, and a small boutique feel. Out of all of the big four firms that have acquired strategy practices, EY Parthenon has done probably the best job of preserving the culture of Parthenon within EY. So it still feels like a separate firm, but they cross sell and cross sell and cross sell. And so they have this unlimited pipeline of work that the organization can do. There’s so much opportunity but also this little itty bitty boutique feel, all the benefits of both are really at your fingertips at EY Parthenon.

The second reason is that Bain hires from EY Parthenon. And many other top firms do, but EY Parthenon comes from Parthenon comes from Bain employees. So people left Bain to start Parthenon. Parthenon grew and then EY ultimately acquired them. Because of this, there’s a very similar culture. There’s a very similar focus on some of the private equity style clients, and so you are a target if you go into EY Parthenon or a company like Bain, if you ever want to move over.

Finally, EY parthenon has a very interesting and unique focus on education. Because of their focus on education, they are one of the world’s powerhouses in the specific space. If you have an interest in nonprofit or education consulting this is an amazing place to do it. Again, with this itty bitty feel, inside a large corporation, the trajectory to leave and to go incredible places and some key focus areas.

We hope you enjoyed this video on EY, or Ernst & Young, and Parthenon, and their strategy practice. We hope that you enjoy thinking about consulting opportunities, and if you’ve got questions, you can comment on this video, you can subscribe, so you keep tabs on what we’re doing. Or, you can always contact us at [email protected] with questions about your specific situation.

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