Storytelling (Pyramid Principle) Training

Tell a story that gains buy-in and motivates action from key stakeholders

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Stop wasting time and energy

  • Are you tired of endless meetings that drive no action?
  • Frustrated spending hours fine-tuning presentations that don’t achieve your end-goal?
  • Afraid your audience is falling asleep on the other end of the screen?

The Solution

  • Tell a story that immediately answers the key questions your audience is asking:

    “So What?”

    “Why should I care?”

    “What do you want me to do?”

  • And then, back that key takeaway with tailored, distinct arguments that reinforce your main message.
  • Finally, end with the data that is only absolutely necessary to reinforce your story.
Customized Storytelling Training

Drive your team to focus on what is most important, clarify their communication, and motivate action from key stakeholders.

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This approach flies in the face of how most of us were taught to communicate in school (e.g., long research papers, extensive data support).

In the business world, however, the goal is to be data-driven, not data-heavy. When communicating, your teams aren’t trying to prove an academic theory – they’re trying to gain buy-in and motivate action.

That’s what Management Consulted Storytelling Training will enable them to do.

Why Management Consulted?

Management Consulted’s expertise has been honed over 10 years of working with consulting firms and Fortune 1000 partners. We’ve seen it all, and we tailor your organization’s training experience to align with your culture and specific desired outcomes.

In turn, your teams don’t just become better presenters – they are empowered to turn data into stories that drive action.

The first session has already had a big impact. Our VP of Sales has really embraced the principle and is using it in her prospect pitches. She nailed a pitch yesterday to a big prospect.

Senior VP, Fortune 1000 Company
Bain Atlanta Picture

MC gave our firm a consistent language and more structured approach to creating compelling arguments.

The training was great to provide best practices with context and authority based on real world experiences. I believe it really helped our team build consensus around frameworks and structures we can use to improve our work product.

Really great overview of principles, and our group came away with some great questions to answer in the near-term. We have actionable next steps we can apply to our work.

This training session was extremely useful. A huge part of the value was having common language and tools to be used across our team going forward.

I feel as though my skill set in conveying my message concisely has improved.

Namaan, Stephanie, the session was perfect – you guys did such a great job with engaging everyone around the world and the time was truly well spent!

Namaan, thank you for sharing great insights! Your ability to quickly assess what needs to be communicated and how is unparalleled.

We are standardizing this approach across our team and have worked it into our templates. The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Partner, boutique consulting firm

Get the best out of your teams

Stakeholders don’t need more analysts. They need advisors.

And developing audience-centric stories is what allows your team to make the jump from sharing information to sharing insights.

Customized Storytelling Training

Drive your team to focus on what is most important, clarify their communication, and motivate action from key stakeholders.

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