Black Belt Supreme (BBS) November Session Closes Oct. 31!

Our first-ever Black Belt Supreme course launched in June, and we had an overwhelming response. Sadly, a number of you procrastinators missed out.

Never fear! With the crazy recruiting cycle, we know the pressure that you are under and we are here to help you out!

Today, we’re introducing Black Belt Supreme round TWO!

Note: Number of available spaces remaining are updated daily below (paragraph 13).

What do you get?

Black Belt Supreme  includes 6 live webinars (recorded for later viewing if you’re doing something important – like snowboarding), 30 days of focused interview homework, and access to 1:1 Black Belt Supreme case partners – all of this IN ADDITION to the already-awesome content of Black Belt Deluxe (10 hours of 1:1 coaching, a full resume/cover letter edit, and our complete MC Book Bundle).

With only 30 available spots and 12 already filled, there are only 18 slots left. Time is running short, so you better get in quick as we’re filling slots on a first-come, first-served basis. Our counter below is updated as spots are snatched up, so you’ll know if you still have a shot at joining our Black Black Supreme course.

Sign-ups for the new Black Belt Supreme course close October 31st – no exceptions.

Sign me up already!

How do you lock in your spot?

All you have to do is sign up for Black Belt Deluxe by October 31, 2014, and email us that you want in on Black Belt Supreme.

Easy, right? Not only that, but you receive the following extras:

  • 6 live webinars (recorded in case you’re doing something important – like working or snowboarding)
  • 30 days of focused interview homework
  • Access to fellow Black Belt Supreme case partners for 1:1 peer practice

Don’t forget – Black Belt Supreme registration closes October 31!

Finally, a few answers to some FAQs we’ve been getting…

Do you have to use all of my 1:1 coaching hours in November?

Nope – you can use the hours at any time, and as always with our hours, they never expire.

However, the webinars happen in November and December, and we’d recommend that you do at least 3-4 sessions during that time frame so you can put what you’re learning into practice. 

Do you have to complete my resume/cover letter edit right away?

No way. You can start the editing process at any time – again, our editing services never expire.

However, after starting the process, you have only 14 days to complete the editing with us – that keeps everyone sane.

You have lots of case practice. Will this help?

Definitely. One thing Black Belts – who are already overachievers – know is that it’s not about lots of practice – it’s about top-notch quality practice.

We walk through both fit and case interviews in detail, answer tons of story and strategy questions, and then pick apart your personal performance.

Although some have been close to ready for Interview Day, we’ve only met a handful of people – out of thousands of clients – who didn’t need our help.

What makes Black Belt Supreme special?

We’ve been running our bootcamps for years now. Many attendees come back to us and ask for more assistance – one day is AWESOME, and they get most of the way there, but it’s just not enough.

For Black Belt Supreme, we break up our 8-hour bootcamp day into the 6 webinar sessions, inviting Q&A and offering recordings. We include a full resume/cover letter edit so you get personal attention for your story. We offer 10 1:1 sessions to practice what we preach. You connect with your peers and keep the practice going.

It’s the trifecta – learning from us, learning from each other, and learning by doing.

How did the June BBS class fare in the Consulting Jungle?

We’re glad you asked! Multiple full-time offers at Bain, BCG and McKinsey for one. Additional offers at Deloitte S&O and both advisory and consulting practices of the Big 4. A shout out to Oliver Wyman.

In short, the class did REALLY well.

Who does BBS?

Your mom. Okay, not really, but we have a wide mix of people. In June’s class, we had 6 countries, a range of ages (from 19-40+), lots of different backgrounds and many different experience levels. It was a rich learning experience.

We open up a Google Doc on the day of the first webinar and you put in just a few specifics about you to make it easier to match you up.

If you want specific insights or connections with good partners, let us know – we’re happy to help.

We don’t normally coordinate dating amongst BBS members, but maybe we should put a “single and ready to mingle” column on there too…

When does BBS actually start?

Right away! Here is our tentative schedule for the webinars (if everyone is in Singapore, for example, we’ll change that up):

  • Nov. 3, 2PM PDT
  • Nov. 8, 9AM PDT
  • Nov. 12, 5PM PDT
  • Nov. 22, 12PM PDT
  • Dec. 5, 9AM PDT
  • Dec. 10, 1PM PDT

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