Management Consulted West Coast Tour – Fall 2014

We didn’t forget you West Coast folk! After our East Coast Fall Tour concluded, we flew back over to the West Coast to host events with consulting clubs from Arizona State University, Stanford University, the University of Southern California and Pepperdine University.

Plus – a bonus trip to the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Where did we scoot off to next? Well, UK & European readers – we got to see you too! Check out our upcoming UK Tour post to read about our visits to LSE, UCL, Durham and Manchester Business School – plus our open London Bootcamp.

If you were not at any of these schools and would love a fun-filled day with the MC team, invite us to host a Group Bootcamp at your school.


We kicked off our West Coast tour at Arizona State University. We love eating at shady hipster places, and our host did not disappoint.

2014-09-23 21.36.38

Check out those snazzy orange books!

2014-09-24 08.30.12

At ASU, we enjoyed a great session with 30 students that are members of the on-campus consulting club. What an impressive group of students! We had a compressed 6-hour interview bootcamp, and they totally kept up with the aggressive pace.

Here’s some feedback from the attendees: “This was one of the most useful sessions I have attended. You guys are doing great! I think and feel a little more confident and prepared for interviews!

We loved this one: “Today was the first day I ever spent time with a professional consultant or attending a professional bootcamp. I can’t believe it was the first time. This should be integrated into more business classrooms at Arizona State.”

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We also had great attendance at our 2-hour session: “I realized that my resume could be more concise and convey my qualifications based on Jenny Rae’s overview of successful resumes.”  

There was a diverse crowd of students at Stanford: from freshmen to seniors and even some grad students, they were curious about the world of consulting and the various firms in the management consulting world.


We had to jet off quickly after the whirlwind session because Jenny Rae was headed off to LA. First stop – University of Southern California.


The USC students gave us some awesome feedback: “I thought I had done a pretty good job of prepping for cases before the bootcamp. Yet, I was completely surprised at how many ah-hah moments I had during the bootcamp. Thank you!”

Another student shared, “Before today, I had low confidence in my ability to do well in a case interview. Now I feel way more prepared, and my confidence is boosted.”

We got some major love from another student as well: “Management Consulted is great because they give you a real perspective on what the interviewer is thinking.”

Our Pepperdine students – MBAs and M.O.D.s (Masters of Organizational Development) were anything but peppery. They were softies – did they want to have a group hug or were they going to tackle those gnarly case questions?


Pepperdine students gave us so much love, and even invited us out for margaritas afterwards. That’s true LA hospitality!

Here’s some of the love: “I just love how much of yourself you put into the presentation. Your sense of humor is excellent.”

Another love-bug said, “This is what I’ve been looking for throughout my entire MBA – something to put it all together.”

And a final awesome student said, “This has been one of the most engaging presentations of my entire career. You should do a TED talk!”

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