Welcome to new readers, an interview with Social Geekette, and useful resources for understanding management consulting

This blog has been growing my leaps and bounds. I’ve really appreciated meeting readers and helping people in their quest to break into the consulting industry.

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Here are my 5 favorite posts since starting Management Consulted

  • Management Consulting versus Investment Banking – a time-honored question for undergraduate and MBA students across the world. I break it down into the 5 primary dimensions upon which these careers differ
  • Day in the life of a management consultant – the day described here is one of the easier ones you’ll face, but provides a good view of client relations, team dynamics, and a typical day’s ebb and flow
  • Life as a Consultant: An interview with a consultant from Booz Allen– one of my favorite interviews thus far, past ones have included McKinsey, ATK Shanghai, and Nortel. Booz guy does a great job discussing issues ranging from public sector consulting to the Booz recruiting process to career paths within the firm
  • Overview of the management consulting recruiting processground zero for prospective consultants, this article gives a comprehensive view of each component in the typical recruiting cycle. While the perspective skews towards those currently in school, there are valuable insights regardless of your current position
  • The Consulting Bible – no round-up of resources is complete without a plug for my in-depth interview guide. It’s not free, but there’s a 60-day return policy, plus free updates for life. My 2nd update will be coming in a few weeks!

An interview with SocialGekette

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I recently did an interview with Serena Wu on Social Geekette. We cover topics such as why I started Management Consulted, my experiences at McKinsey, and my views on blogging and the internet. Check it out here.

Questions for readers on a new project

After helping more than a hundred people with resumes and interview prep to break into consulting, the biggest issue I’ve noticed is that many people don’t have access to useful recruiting channels

It’s easy for Ivy Leaguers, for most MBA students, and for those already in consulting. But there’s a huge audience – experienced hires from different industries, those that go to non-target schools – that don’t have access to key resources like information sessions, campus recruiters, and the attention of consultants at their target firms.

The tentative title of this project is “How Anyone Can Break Into Management Consulting, Regardless Of Your School Or Current Job.”

It will be a comprehensive directory of consulting firms and emails/phone numbers for recruiters AND consultants at each firm. I plan to include tactics that people can use to get their resumes noticed and land interviews – such as actual call scripts and email templates. The focus is on boutique firms – because the big guys are much tougher to break into through non-traditional methods.

Having said that, I’d love to get reader feedback on 2 questions:

  1. If you want to be a business consultant, what are your biggest concerns in breaking into the industry?
  2. Have you entered consulting through non-traditional means, and if so, can you share your story? I’d love to feature some successful case studies

Thanks a million! I’d prefer if you contacted me directly with answers, particularly for the case studies.

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