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Customized, Targeted Articles

Cement your program in candidates’ minds as a pipeline to sought-after consulting jobs. We create articles that attract prospective students month after month and communicate what makes your program stand out. Over 3M annual readers and listeners come to us for advice on taking the next step in their careers – and we know how to speak their language.

A Leading Careers Podcast

Reach future students where they’re at – the Strategy Simplified podcast, the world’s #1 podcast for aspiring and current consultants. Stand out in a sea of options, and put a face and name to your program through dynamic conversations with your admissions teams.

Magnetic Virtual Events

Meet and Greets? Q&As? Live info sessions? Let us bring interested prospects to you and multiply the impact of your admissions efforts. Show off the value of your program and connect with prospective students considering education as a springboard into their next career step.

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“Management Consulted has been a crucial part of our recruiting strategy this past year – it seems like not a day goes by that we don’t hear another candidate mention that they found us through the podcasts that we’ve done with Management Consulted.”

“Partnering with Management Consulted through the podcast helped fill a 30-person… cohort and give us a waitlist twice that size!”

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