They Call It…The Consulting Bible. Now In Its Second Edition.

It’s been a long time coming. I promised an update in March. As you can see, it’s mid-April. I simply didn’t want to release a second edition that wasn’t a significant update on the first.

I’ve finally built something that accomplishes just that.

Introducing The Consulting Bible

The second edition is a 92-page interview guide to conquering consulting interviews and landing jobs. Here’s what’s new:

1. Two brand-spanking new case studies, including one that’s conversationally-based. You’ll find that some interviewers prefer more interactive discussion, less traditional Q&A. Now you can master both – especially with the running commentary that I’ve added to each case

2. “Ethics and integrity” fit questions. Let’s face it, the corporate world has been remarkably tarnished in the past decade, and client service demands ethical behavior. Master these questions to demonstrate that you have both the instincts and experience to make principled decisions

3. Two new, internationally-focused sizing questions (what I call mini-case studies). Global awareness is key to management consulting success

4. More than 15 additional fit questions scattered across categories including Personality, Teamwork, and Experienced hires

5. A new “Brainteasers” section. While relatively uncommon, chance favors the prepared consultant

6. More case study tips from the experts – learn tactics for tackling open-ended questions and why well-timed pauses can save you from disaster

7. 10 great interview followup questions – because 98% of interviewers miss a chance to make an excellent impression and strengthen the interviewer relationship. The other 2%? They’re getting the offers

Here’s what a customer said about the first edition:

I decided to give it a try…I knew I made the right decision

The guide is very comprehensive – especially the fit questions. I have to admit that I was initially skeptical because I’ve read the Vault Guide to Consulting and done a lot of prep already. But I decided to give it a try. After just reading the preface, I knew I made the right decision – you should consider putting the preface online because it answered my questions. I feel much more comfortable now. […] Thanks!”David Jang – Grad student interested in healthcare consulting

How much does it cost?

As a limited time launch promotion, The Consulting Bible will stay at $25. In full transparency, that price will increase to $35 at the end of May.

In addition, by purchasing in this time frame you’ll still receive free lifetime updates. After the month is over, that bonus will officially end.

Thanks everyone for your readership of the site! Based on peoples’ feedback, this week we’ll focus on the consulting lifestyle – everything from job perks to understanding what separates great from mediocre consultants

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