Strategy Sprint

I just did the meatiest part of a summer program at a top firm and I must say, Strategy Sprint really prepped me well and helped me stand out as a top performer on my team for the workshop. Here are the things Strategy Sprint helped me with:
1. We were asked to individually come up with a one-page exec summary. Everyone else on my team wrote very comprehensive one-page reports in Word. I was the only one who made a slide with bullet points using the pyramid principle and 80/20 rule.
2. When our project leader asked each of us how we approached making the exec summary, I had the approach that’s most similar to what the PL said they do at at the firm: make a framework, think of the high level story (The “what”, “why” and “how”), and then breaking it into modules/bullet points.
3. I was constantly leading and pushing my team to think of how to tell our story and to trim off less-relevant materials when we had to assemble a deck.
4. I volunteered to present the whole story after the deck was done and everyone liked the way I did it.
Thanks so much for all your help!!