Immensely helpful in gaining comfort

I attended your consulting case prep course at Ohio State last Sunday. I am currently a senior student who has no background in consulting and wanted to see if I could gain any useful insights from your prep course.

Until a few days ago, I wasn’t seriously considering consulting because I was never really sure if I could land a consulting interview and wasn’t sure if time investment into case studies would even be worth it. I still applied/networked with a number of firms anyway.

I have 3-4 consulting interviews coming up in the next week and a half! Possibly more in the future. I was able to start your prep course videos this week and found the content immensely helpful in gaining comfort in the structures and foundation from scratch. I wanted to reach out and say thank you. I appreciate this free resource and without it, I would have had to turn to reading a book which is a far higher time commitment in my situation.