I have Management Consulted to thank for getting me to the level I needed to receive that offer

A colleague of mine who I am working with to secure a consulting offer this cycle recently reached out to me in excitement that he heard my voice on the Resume Review episode on Strategy Simplified (S9E17). I remember getting the opportunity to join Namaan live via Zoom for this resume review, and the edits and feedback turned my resume into what it is today!

Having this episode brought up reminded me that I had never formally taken the time to reach out and thank you all at Management Consulted for all that you do. Management Consulted was (and still is) my number one used and trusted resource for consulting news, articles, salary updates, case practice and tips, training, and consulting professional development. I have subscribed and watched almost all YouTube videos, I have listened to almost every Strategy Simplified episode, I purchased the Case Library to practice casing, I used tools like the Math Drills to practice mental math, and I have utilized the website to its full capability when prepping for interviews, creating cover letters or networking emails, reading about firms, and so on.

It was not a quick, easy, or straightshot journey for me, but the hard work did pay off, and I was able to secure a full-time consulting offer from EY-Parthenon for their Life Sciences Strategy and Transactions practice. There is a lot I can reflect on about the entire process, including many things I would do differently, which I try to express to others I speak with who are going through the ringer now. But I truly believe I have Management Consulted to thank for getting me to the level I needed to receive that offer. The wealth of information and training you provide free of charge is invaluable and was incredibly helpful for me. Management Consulted is the first website I recommend to anyone interested in or committed to breaking into consulting.

I appreciate everything Management Consulted stands for, and I just wanted to share that feedback with you all. I look forward to joining the consulting industry this August, and I will always keep Management Consulted in high regards when speaking on my journey and interacting with future, aspiring consultants.