Black Belt cohort starts next week 17 spots left

Get staffed on a consulting project. Be mentored.

Work on strategy, operations, and analytics projects.
Get weekly mentorship from an MBB coach.

The future is yours

It's a wild world. Instead of waiting for life to return to normal, it's time to embrace a new normal.

We've sourced unpaid consulting projects. Invest in yourself by honing your skills in a real-world environment this summer, while also receiving mentorship from a former MBB consultant.

The Ultimate 1-2 Punch: Experience and Mentorship

Relevant experience is necessary - both to build skills now and set yourself up for future success. This is true for students and mid-career switchers alike. Yet, the #1 factor in career success is mentorship.

With MC Mentorship, you get both: relevant project experience this summer, and mentorship from an MBB coach. Your coach will set you up for on-the-job success, accelerating your growth and enhancing the value you provide to an organization.

Get a project and mentor

Crush my summer

Summer mentorship and consulting project

Summer mentorship and consulting project

Choose this option to be matched with an organization for a consulting project and have an MBB mentor for the summer. You will meet with your mentor 1x/week for 6 weeks (starting June 8) - these sessions will help you run analysis and improve deliverables like models and decks. **You are guaranteed a project, but we cannot guarantee any specific choice Learn More


17 Spots Remaining

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Practical Experience

There is no substitute for real-world experience. Learn how to align yourself with an organizational mandate, be held to a high standard, and drive impact in a business or organization. If your plans have been cancelled or cut short, it's time to pivot to try something new.

Build stories of success that you will tell in your next interview...or, who knows? Perhaps excellence in this consulting project will lead to something more with the same organization this summer or beyond.

MBB Mentorship

An MBB coach from our team will mentor you throughout the summer. The week of June 1, we'll have a group kickoff. Starting June 8, you'll meet with your coach for a 1/2 hour each week for 6 weeks (off the week of June 29 for US 4th of July). Your coach will help you refine models, hone analysis, and navigate the diverse stakeholders you'll be interacting with.

There is a $995 cost for mentorship and a guaranteed internship.

Resume Builder

Organizations are looking for strategy and analytical help - not meaningless filler work. You'll be trusted with important initiatives that will determine the future of an organization.

In short, you'll have great stories to put on your resume - including analytical work you did and recommendations you made.


See a list here. All projects are unpaid and the list continues to grow. Information is subject to change.

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