5th Degree Black Belt


A $6500 value! This is for those who go the extra mile (or 5) to become the best of the best.

  • 30 Hours of Interview Prep/Case Studies
  • 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter edit
  • Lifetime access to all MC cases, courses, and drills
  • Free Session Recordings


5th Degree Black Belt is for those who want to be the best of the best. If you are aiming to be the #1 recruit in your region, and have your pick of offices, you’ll have to be better than very good – you’ll have to be great. We’ll help you get there, with:

  • 30 Hours of 1:1 Interview Prep with an MBB coach
  • 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter edit
  • The Consulting Case Bank (500 cases)
  • 7 online video courses
  • 5 e-books
  • 100+ case math and structure drills
  • Free Session Recordings
  • 24/7 email support

Many of you will only have one shot to break into consulting – take full advantage by becoming a 5th Degree Black Belt.


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