2nd Degree Black Belt


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80% of Black Belts land at least 1 offer, compared to 3% of applicants industry-wide.

This is for those who go the extra mile (or 2) to become the best of the best. If you are aiming to be the #1 recruit in your region and have your pick of offices, you’ll have to be better than very good – you’ll have to be great. We’ll help you get there, with:

  • 20 Hours of 1:1 Interview Prep with an MBB coach
  • 2 Rounds of Edits each on 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter
  • The Consulting Case Library (550+ cases)
  • Access to peers for additional case practice
  • 9 online video courses
    • The Consulting Case Interview Bootcamp
    • The Consulting Fit Interview Bootcamp
    • Mental Math for Consulting Bootcamp
    • Business Basics for Consulting Bootcamp
    • PowerPoint for Consulting Bootcamp
    • Excel for Consulting Bootcamp
    • Consulting Resume & Cover Letter Bootcamp
    • Networking for Consulting Bootcamp
    • The MC Starter Pack (industry overview)
  • 5 e-books
  • 12 chatbot cases
  • 10,000+ case math, exhibit and structure drills
  • Free Session Recordings
  • Email support from dedicated Black Belt concierge

Many of you will only have one shot to break into consulting – take full advantage by becoming a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

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  • 20 hours 1:1 Zoom sessions with MBB coach of your choice
  • All access pass: 550+ cases, 10K+ math/structure drills, 9 video courses, 12 chatbot cases
  • 2 Rounds of Edits each on 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter