Who is it for?


If you have any interest in the consulting industry…

If you plan on owning any kind of business one day…

If you plan on working for any kind of business one day…

If you enjoy ice cream and happiness…

The MC Starter Pack is well worth your time.

How will it help?

The MC Starter Pack will answer all of life’s biggest questions, such as:

What is consulting?

How do I build a consulting-worthy resume?

How do I network effectively to land a consulting offer?

Do firms have unique interview styles? What are they?

This course is the first step in acing any interview and landing your dream job.

What does it include?

It is more than 8 years of consulting know-how sweetened and condensed into 53 video lessons ranging from 5 to 15 minutes each, touching on everything from whether or not consulting is right for you to firm-specific interviews and preparing for the role once you’ve landed an offer.

Should I buy the MC Starter Pack?

Yes, this is a collection of all of our FREE resources.

No payment, no commitment, just world-class, insider knowledge you need to know.

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The MC Starter Pack
Thinking about consulting but not sure what it is, if it's right for you or how to break into this prestigious industry? The MC Starter Pack is just what you need!