Consulting Resources For MBAs

Consulting calls for specific skill sets that require unique interview preparation. For example, the consulting case interview is generally regarded as one of the most difficult interviews in the business world. Management Consulted has gathered resources on this page to give candidates a quick start of what you need to know. These resources help you understand:

  1. Which case interview frameworks you need to know, and how to use them
  2. Case interview examples / walkthroughs
  3. How much math do you need to know?
  4. How to network and position yourself to get an interview
  5. Consulting firm basics
  6. How to craft a killer resume and cover letter
  7. How much do consultants get paid?
  8. What specific hard or soft skills do I need to know to excel in consulting?

Landing a consulting offer will come down to how well you understand – and apply – the concepts outlined in these resources. We at MC want to set you up to absolutely crush the entire recruiting process – from networking to the case interview. We offer extensive free and paid resources to help you in along the way. The goal is obviously to land that coveted consulting offer, and following the advice in the articles above will have you well on your way. If you have other questions not answered by the resources on this page, please reach out to us at tea[email protected]. You can also check out our extensive article catalogue for further study and the free resources tab in the menu bar for case walkthroughs and math drills. In addition, if you’d like to work with us 1:1, simply click the button below.