Launch of The Consulting Resume & Cover Letter Bible

It’s been a long time coming.  It was worth the wait.


Our 98-page guide on applying to consulting jobs — power-packed with specific action steps for you to create a stand-out consulting resume and cover letter.

We’ve already published The Consulting Bible, which is the best-selling resource on the market for consulting interviews.  So why did we feel the need to up the ante?

Honestly, 80% of the questions we get are about the pre-interview phase.  You want to know what it takes to GET the interview – and with the savvy of an M/B/B insider, I give you a structured way to do just that.

What’s the secret weapon of this book?  Something I haven’t seen anyone else offer – and even if they did, I seriously doubt it could be this good.  Why?  I spent hours consolidating my consulting resume editing best-practices into an actual toolkit you can use – including 12 consulting resume and 12 consulting cover letter templates that will make all the difference between the trash and the offer.

When someone reviews your resume (paid or for free) and tells you to “make it more structured” or “add more detail,” you need to know exactly what that means.  Just like our resume editing service, we give you both the high-level (what matters most) and the practical steps to get you there.

That’s the power of The Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible – it’s not just an assessment, but an actual plan to rescue your application from the trash that can and will get you an interview offer.

I’ve broken the Bible into 4 easy-to-navigate sections:

1. Preface

The resume is the first thing a reviewer sees about you, and you know it’s important. But do you know how your application gets into their hands? Do reviewers REALLY look at applications of every person who applied? And how much time do they spend looking at each application? Wouldn’t it be great to understand how the selection process works on the inside?

I explain the inner workings of the interview selection process–how a team of reviewers is put together, the process they use to evaluate resumes, and how interview slots are eventually filled.  For anyone outside the industry, this insight is golden.

2. Resume

You think you know how important it is to have a slam-dunk resume. But maybe you don’t know if you have one – or how to create one if you don’t. You may have amazing leadership experience, a stellar GPA, a degree from a brand name school–but that doesn’t mean you know how to paint a picture of your awesome self in one page of text. I do.

As a Bain consultant, I was on bi-annual review teams and reviewed literally thousands of resumes. Since then, I’ve professionally edited thousands more for MC clients.

My consulting resume section takes what I learned at Bain, and what I’ve honed by spending hours in the details of your life stories, to give you everything you need to take your resume to the max. Whether you’re starting at a C+ or an A, you’ll end up with an A+. Here’s a glimpse of what the resume section includes:

  • 11 consulting resume mistakes that will cost you your dream interview
  • Our deepest innermost secrets – like 8 ways we get all that detail onto 1 page without creating a word wall
  • The method to our madness – the step-by-step of editing and why you must explain that scholarship you won
  • Word tips – how to use specific words to create a results-driven consulting resume
  • 12 TEMPLATES to format your consulting resume into a pleasing visual presentation

3. Cover letter

Whether you have a way with words or not, you probably haven’t dedicated enough hours to building a unique and compelling cover letter.  In fact, I’ve NEVER received one I would be happy to have a client submit without major adjustment.  With what I reveal in the Bible, you won’t waste your time trying to figure out what matters most.  I lay it out for you.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Consulting cover letter structure and style:  How to DIY
  • Formats and elements that work every time, with 12 TEMPLATES to get you started
  • Our tricks-of-the-trade – such as using insider consulting lingo that will woo your readers
  • How to send subliminal messages – such as why you should tell a story vs. list your accomplishments
  • And ultimately…the key difference between a winner and a loser

4. Submission strategies

Just because your consulting resume and cover letter are completed, your work is NOT done. How you submit your application can make the difference between getting an interview slot or receiving the “better luck next year” email.

Through case interview prep and coaching sessions, I reveal secrets – and after clients begged me to recap the secrets in follow-up emails, I knew I was onto something. Knowing how things work on the inside and participating in the candidate selection process gave me insight that gave them power.  Current consultants can’t or won’t share any of the secrets I reveal. Here’s what I cover:

  • Basic tips and tricks that every top candidate knows
  • Customizing resumes and cover letters – how to tailor your story for different firms
  • Applying off-cycle or from a non-target – secrets to making the most of your opportunity
  • Navigating online application systems, and how not to get lost in a black hole of nothingness
  • How to use your interview at one top firm (or bank) to your advantage – and how to totally ruin your chances
  • Tips for getting started on preparing for interviews

Here’s a preview of the Table of Contents:

If that’s not enough, here’s what one customer said about The Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible:

Thanks so much!  My cover letter and resume look amazing. Overall, this has been a great experience.  I was referred to you by a Notre Dame alumni contact and I will certainly recommend your Resume and Cover Letter Bible to others.  I look forward to hopefully purchasing your interview package soon!

– Notre Dame law student

And finally – why did it take so long for the Bible to be released?

It took hundreds of hours to pull apart my process piece-by-piece and then put it back together again.  And another hundred at least to create and finesse the templates.  And more yet to edit, rework, and add bonus content that would add unparalleled value to the book.  Then my beta testers grabbed the project and took it to the next level.  Needless to say, this book is the result of more than a year-long process – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is it amazing?  Yes.  Is it perfect?  Not yet.  In fact, I already have a new section of the book that I’m pulling together for the second edition.  But instead of waiting hundreds of hours more to get it in there now, I decided that something this good deserves to be in the hands of readers NOW.  Besides, anyone who orders the First Edition gets lifetime updates, so it’s a win-win all around.

Want to know more? Visit our Consulting Resume and Cover Letter page for more information, including additional benefits, previews, and customer testimonials.

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