So you’ve networked like a ninja, finessed your resume, perfected your cover letter, and aced your consulting interviews. Life on the job is amazing – you’re paid well, traveling in style, and getting great experience. Inevitably, however, for 95%+ of top consultants – there comes a time to move on.

You know the drill, and you know your options – take calls from headhunters that bring you one opportunity at a time, scour the firm’s databases for opportunities with no preference and no direct contacts. ┬áTherefore, the 2 options that actually result in jobs are networking or starting something yourself.

For the uber-busy consultant, the fabled post-consulting doors that should be so open to you have not been any more obvious than the opportunities for your buddy who is leaving their 2-year post as a paralegal. You both have to do the same hard work, manage the same market inefficiencies, and start from ground zero to hunt down your dream job.

Until now.

MC’s team are a bunch of raucous entrepreneurs, so we walked the same path that you are now walking – and we walked it alone. Thankfully, we’ve built a platform to provide what we didn’t have so you don’t have go without.

The MC Job Hub is a cross-firm opportunity system that connects select career profiles to fabulous jobs. As a job-seeker, or just a curious bystander, you’ll receive emails on Fridays with open postings. For more info and to apply, click here.

As a job-provider, or an entrepreneur, you want top talent from backgrounds you trust. We tier our job-seekers into Genius, Gold and General categories so you can connect with the profiles that fit your needs. And please – include contract or hourly opportunities. With maximum flexibility and low-levels of commitment, you get a try-out while the candidate gets exposure to multiple fields or roles – a true win-win. To apply to become a preferred employer, click here.

Want to offer resources to other entrepreneurs that you found useful? Read about what people are doing in Life After Consulting? Check out suggestions on developing as a manager or writing a killer Linked-In profile?

Stay tuned.