From UCLA to BCG to Hollywood – Nare’s Story

Nare Israelyan’s journey into consulting was the opposite of traditional or cookie-cutter. It started at a non-target (for consulting) school, continued with multiple internships, including with the NFL, and eventually, led to BCG to solve problems for the world’s most influential companies.

Now? Nare is storming Hollywood as an actress, stuntwoman, and model. This interview is jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom from one of the brightest and most down-to-earth ex-consultants you’ll meet. Tune in to get all the goodies from Nare’s story, including:

  • How she got into acting (0:56)
  • Her non-traditional path to consulting (5:07)
  • Her top traits for consulting success (8:16)
  • What BCG looks for in candidates (13:04)
  • Her favorite part of consulting (14:58)
  • Why she left BCG (15:51)
  • How she helps people prepare for case interviews (22:33)

Listen below or on your preferred podcast channel (transcription coming soon).

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