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Courses Archive - Management Consulted


  • Industry Primers

    11 Lessons

    Welcome to your one-stop shop for an overview of the global economy’s most consequential industries! We’ll continue to add more industries over the coming months, but in the meantime, get a head start by clicking the big green button above!

  • How to Give a Case: Train-the-Trainer

    10 Lessons

    Giving a case is a different skill than acing the case. When playing the role of the interviewer, you have very distinct goals. In this course, buckle up for a guide to how to effectively¬†give cases and evaluate students, tailored…

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  • Business Basics for Consulting

    23 Lessons
  • Career Services Webinars

    6 Lessons
  • Strategy Simplified

    10 Lessons

    Welcome to¬†Strategy Simplified! In this mini-masterclass, we dissect 4 real-world business cases to examine the thinking that goes into multi-billion dollar decisions. The goal? To focus only on what’s most important, and to analyze the 1-2 key drivers smart companies…

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  • Mental Math drills

    6 Lessons
  • Case Math Video Prompts

    42 Lessons

    Ready to take your mental math to the next level? Here’s some drills to help you do just that. We’ll read you the case math out loud (like in an actual interview), and you’ll have to capture all of the…

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  • Case Structure Video Prompts

    64 Lessons

    There’s no better way to prepare for case interviews than simulating the interview environment. Get ready for these 64 real-world case interview prompts – you’ll have 2 minutes to create an organized structure on paper, and then will have the…

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  • Black Belt Supreme 2017 Webinars

    6 Lessons
  • Excel for Consulting

    51 Lessons

    Welcome to Excel for Consulting, the only Excel course built specifically for consultants and consultants-to-be! Buckle up for an exciting ride through 10 modules and 44 lessons as Jenny Rae guides Lisa (ex-McKinsey, PC user) and Namaan (government and non-profit…

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