Strategy Simplified

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Welcome to Strategy Simplified! In this mini-masterclass, we dissect 4 real-world business cases to examine the thinking that goes into multi-billion dollar decisions. The goal? To focus only on what’s most important, and to analyze the 1-2 key drivers smart companies are paying attention to in their day-to-day decisions. It’s amazing the simple business principles that underpin mammoth decisions. These are the kinds of decisions consultants are in on as advisors. What better way to learn and grow together in our business understanding and strategy chops? Strategy Simplified includes:

  • An overview video setting up the business case
  • A webinar (recorded live) to discuss (with the 2 best approaches receiving mad props!)
  • Jenny Rae’s approach shared after the webinar

The 4 cases we break down:

  • Nestle’s purchase of a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee for $425M
  • Apple’s simultaneous release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X
  • Rideshare startup Via competing with Uber and Lyft in select markets
  • Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7B