Chase Sapphire Reserve: Now do these things immediately

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Today, we dive right into the first 5 things to do when you get the Chase Sapphire Reserve to maximize your travel benefits. Hopefully, you have applied and already been approved with your card in the mail headed your way. We put together a to-do list of the 5 things to get done once you receive your card. You may want to enable some of these perks even before you get the card.

Let’s jump right into the first thing you should do with your card.

1. Add your card to your Airline, Hotel, transportation, and food accounts

With 3X Ultimate Rewards points for all travel and dining purchases, the Chase Sapphire Reserve should be the go-to card with any airlines and hotel sites you continuously book your travel through. This includes third-party online travel agencies such as Travelocity, Kayak, etc. since they fall under travel category in Chase’s book.Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, best rewards credit card, business travel credit card

Don’t forget the $300 annual travel credit that is usable for far more than just airline, such as transportation, campsite fees and more. That being said you’ll want to add your Chase Sapphire Reserve to your ride-sharing apps of choice such as Uber and Lyft. Maybe you prefer a train pass as a commuter or simply drive yourself, use the Sapphire Preferred and earn 3X Ultimate Rewards points for those purchases.

The points keep coming! Finally, make sure you are using your card for dining out to earn the 3X Ultimate Rewards points, this includes adding the card to accounts such as Seamless, GrubHub, etc.

2. Activate Priority Pass & Auto Rental Privileges

I”m sure the Priority Pass is a key feature in your reasoning behind getting this card, you’ll want to put that perk to use. Make sure to log into your Chase account, choose the Ultimate Rewards tab, you’ll then be able to register for each benefit you desire. Which we highly suggest activating the National, Avis, and Silvercar to enjoy enhanced benefits, such as upgrades and car rental discounts, savings on luxury and premium rental car rates, plus promotions and other offers.

3. Sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

No one enjoys the process of customs or airport security but thanks to your Sapphire Reserve saving the day you will no longer have to experience that pain. Sign up and pay for TSA Precheck ($85) or Global Entry ($100) with the Chase Saphire Reserve and your fee will be reimbursed through your application credit (fee waived up to $100).

Already have TSA Precheck or Global Entry? Maybe you have a spouse, family member, or friend who travels a lot, you can always “gift” it to them by using your card when they decide to make the purchase.

4. Build an Earning and Redemption Strategy

Since you’ve covered the basics by adding your card to the hotel, airline, transportation, and food accounts of your choice, activated your Priority Pass and Auto Rental Privileges and signed up for the TSA PreCheck or Global Entry it’s time to plan a long term strategy. Would you prefer the ease of use by using the Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal or maximizing your Ultimate Rewards points by transferring to a partner?

Will the Chase Sapphire Reserve be your main card in your wallet or will you carry multiple cards maximizing points using it solely on 3X bonus categories. We suggest combining the Sapphire Reserve with the Freedom Unlimited that way you maximize your spending with 1.5% on all purchases but earn 3X Ultimate Rewards points when you spend on travel and dining.

By planning ahead with a long-term strategy you’ll be to make the best decision when it comes time to start booking free travel!

5. Plan an International Trip

copenhagen nyhavn
Copenhagen, Denmark

Now its time to put all that work to use and book your first international trip with taking advantage of all these Ultimate Rewards points and amazing travel perks. Sit down with your spouse, family, best friend or travel companion and start to place your dream trip together to make it a reality.

I would personally grab a group of my best college friends and plan out a 2-week adventure trip through the Nordic Countries! Starting in SFO and quickly making my way through TSA with my PreCheck I would use my PriorityPass benefit after and enjoy myself in the lounge before heading to Denmark to kickstart that adventure. After traveling through Finland, Norway, and Sweden in epic hotels that were booked for free through travel partners. We will then make our way to Iceland and the Faroe Islands where our upgraded luxury rental car will be waiting for us and all the adventure that awaits.

At the end of all the fun and excitement, we’ll earn 3X Ultimate Rewards points on all travel and dining purchases made and build points for the next trip!