We’re back…and ready for the future

You’ve been wondering where we’ve been. No, we haven’t been sipping margaritas in Cabo (although the occasional margarita does not escape our team)—we’re nerdier than spending a whole year acting like we’ve retired.

Instead – we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring you awesome new stuff that our beta testers are RAVING about.

Why?  We’ve been plotting for months to take Management Consulted to the next level.  You’ve made it clear to us that you’re ravenous for more 1:1 help, more FREE stuff, more relevant insight, more candid personal feedback, and we’re on it.

Engagement is our vision—we are finally delivering on the promises we’ve made for a while.  The best news?  You have as much input into the content as we do.

For 4 years, our insider information has given you behind-the-scenes insight into management consulting—how to impress recruiters with your resume, writing the perfect cover letter, how to nail your interviews, what it takes to get your dream offer – we’re adding so much more, but we can’t reveal it all just yet.

Here’s what you’ll be seeing from us:

New Products & Services – We’ve just launched our long-awaited Consulting Resume & Cover Letter Bible. It’s amazing, and there’s nothing like it on the market–check it out! Think that’s all? Not a chance. We’ve got the 3rd edition to The Consulting Bible in the pipeline (hint: get your copy now before the price goes up–you get free lifetime updates so you’re not excluded from the new content). Beyond that? How about our Consulting Recruiting Toolkit? Management Consulted cases for interview prep? A FREE guide to breaking into consulting? Stay tuned…you won’t want to miss out.

Articles – We’ve got a gigantic list of articles slated to post in the next few weeks and months—everything from a list of target schools and our 5-step process to prepare for case interviews to road warrior tales and life after consulting. Plus, we have hot updates to posts on our most popular topics like Salaries, Case Interviews, and Networking.

Our Manic Monday newsletter is full of hot topics, articles, and planning tools—a great resource for everyone from the serious prospective management consultant to the freshman in college (or you Type-A high schoolers that keep emailing us) just interested in finding out more.  Want to jump in?  Add your email to our list and get access to all the great content below…

  • Hot topics – We’re offering killer planning tools for job apps, networking, and interviews as well as our take on the industry’s hottest topics today.
  • Job search timelines – In each newsletter we’ll let you know what you should be doing THIS MONTH to get your dream job in consulting.  Whether you’re looking for a summer internship (undergrad juniors and MBA 1st years) or a full-time position (graduating seniors and MBA 2nd years), we’ll give you specifics for keeping on track with your application process.
  • Talk to us – Tell us what you want to know more about.  Yes, you can always write comments on any of the articles on our website (we totally encourage that!), but we know not everyone takes part in the online discussion.  Answer quick surveys and fun questions—then we’ll share site-wide results with you.  Your input is key to building content that is relevant to our base of 60,000+ readers.

More blow-your-socks-off material you can expect from us includes:

  • Free planning content to take you from “Is consulting right for me?” to “When can you start?”
  • Regular content infusion, from posts by current consultants describing the inner workings of the largest firms to real stories from exhausted prospects in the interview and decision stages.
  • Frequent Q&A roundups to compile top questions from our readers and post answers from our experts.
  • Public responses to questions posted to the site or sent to us through email.  You’ve told us this is the most valuable free service we provide.

“First off, thank you so much for the creation of this site. As a prospective management consultant, this has been the single greatest resource I have come across to get an insight into the industry.”


But not all of you are sure that consulting is for you.  And some of you are starting soon, or you’re consultants now and you’re looking for the next great step in your career.  Good news – we’ve got more in the pipeline for you too!

The jobs you’re aiming for are highly competitive, prestigious, and lucrative.  We know you take this stuff seriously—it’s your future.  We’re taking it seriously too.

Excited yet?  We hope so!  Join our 60,000+ MC community and journey with us as we take this site to the next level.  Have ideas?  Email us.  For the rest of you – get excited and hold on tight!