Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC 2019 application deadlines

Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC Overview

Attention Advanced Degree Candidates! Yes, that means you PhDs, JDs, and MDs – Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC application 2019 deadlines are now published! What are Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC? They are 1-3 day summer programs where you get an inside look at BCG, McKinsey, or Bain – the work, the people, the culture, and more.

These summer programs are highly competitive, and give you a leg up during the end of the summer when it’s time to apply for full-time roles.

Who is Eligible for Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC?

All PhDs, JDs, and MDs planning to apply for full-time 2020 consulting positions are eligible to apply.

Application Tips for Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC

BCG, McKinsey, and Bain all require 1-2 page business-focused resumes (ideally 1 page), focused less on your scientific, medical, or legal expertise, and more on the career impact you’ve achieved and the transferrable skills that will help you as a consultant (quantitative analysis, client management, problem solving, process improvement, etc.).

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Interview Tips for Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC

All of these programs will require you to navigate up to 2 rounds of a case interview, and all 3 firms (as well as our team here at Management Consulted) recommend you start your case prep in mid-February. Why? The best performing candidates practice for 8-12 weeks, and many advanced degree candidates come from non-business backgrounds. The case interview is unlike anything most ADCs have ever seen before, and not something you want to wing at the last minute.

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Application deadlines for Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC

McKinsey Insight application deadline: March 31, 2019

Bridge to BCG application deadline: April 2, 2019

The application deadline for Bridge to BCG is April 2, 2019. On top of typical application materials (resume, cover letter), BCG will require you to complete two online activities by April 8, 2019. Want to get ahead and begin networking at BCG? If applicable, network inside the firm’s current diversity groups for a leg up:

Bain AIC application deadline: April 5, 2019

One of the best places to network at Bain? The firm’s current diversity groups:

Again, these programs are uber competitive, and give the candidates who score invites unparalleled opportunities to network with current BCG, McKinsey, and Bain consultants, as well as familiarize themselves with specific practice areas and offices.

Application Links

McKinsey Insight

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Bain AIC

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These programs not for you? Most firms have rolling application deadlines for lateral hires – contact us directly for help.

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