2013 Management Consulting Salaries – from Undergraduate and MBA to Interns and more

We’re starting 2013 off with everyone’s favorite topic – consulting salaries! We’ve been compiling data on management consulting salaries now for 3 years. What have we seen? Total compensation packages holding steady in 2011 and 2012 with some slight increases in 2013 (finally – and lucky for you soon-to-be grads!). Base salary for a new MBA at Accenture rose from $132K to $135K, for instance, with a corresponding increase in signing bonus from $33K to $35K. Overall, management consulting continues to be a lucrative field for new undergrads, MBA, interns, and PhDs.

Below we share with you data on salaries from sources with offers starting in 2013 from the following firms:

-Accenture -A.T. Kearney -Bain -Booz & Co -BCG -Deloitte -Ernst & Young -IBM -Infosys -KPMG -L.E.K. -McKinsey -Mercer -Oliver Wyman -PwC -ZS Associates

These are estimates for full-time jobs that start in the Fall of 2013. If our figures don’t sync with your personal experience, we want to hear from you, and so does our MC community. Add your comments at the end of the post with as much detail as you can share. Everything from base salaries and performance bonuses to retirement figures and interesting perks (like a BMW for new hires at ATK Germany!).

Most of our data is for U.S. offices, but many of our readers are located around the globe — in Singapore, India, South Africa, western and eastern Europe, and Asia Pacific. If you are working in another part of the world at a major consulting firm, we’d love to hear from you too! All of our data is posted anonymously, so feel free to post a comment below or share with us by email.

= = = = = First year out of undergraduate = = = = =

For Accenture… Signing Bonus: $8,000 (Canada: $10,000) Base: $70,000 (Canada: $68,000) Relocation: $2,000 Performance Bonus: up to 10% – – – – – Total compensation: up to $85,000 Retirement: Match 6% for 401k Tuition reimbursement: Available for MBA interns who go back full time, up to $50,000.

For A.T. Kearney… Signing Bonus: $5,000 (Toronto: $5,000) Base: $65,000 (Toronto: $70,000) Relocation: $5-$10,000 (Toronto: $3-$10,000) Performance Bonus: $9,750, up to 15% of base salary (Toronto: up to 20% of base salary) Profit Sharing: $6,500, up to 10% of base depending on firm performance – – – – – Total compensation: up to $86,250 Retirement: Match 6% for 401k

For Bain… Signing Bonus: $5-7,000 Base: $70-75,000 Relocation: $2-$8,000 Performance Bonus: up to $15,000 (20% of base salary) for your first year – – – – – Total compensation: $90,000 + Retirement: 401k contribution of 4.5% of base + bonus, no contribution required.

For Booz & Co… Signing Bonus: $5,000 Base: $72,000 Relocation: $5-15,000 Performance Bonus: up to $14,400/20% of base – – – – – Total compensation: up to $91,400 Retirement: $7,200/10% of base + up to $820/5.7% of bonus

For Boston Consulting Group… Signing Bonus: $5,000 (Canada: $5,000) (Aus: $15,000) Base: $72,000 (Canada: $72,500) (Aus: $64,900) (Germany: €65,000) Relocation: $2-$8,000 (Germany: €3-€10,000) Performance Bonus: up to $16,200 (22.5% of base salary) Profit Sharing: up to $4,400 + 15% of salary and bonus contributed to 401k – – – – – Total compensation: up to $97,600 Retirement: 15% of your base + bonus into your 401k, with employee contribution required.

For Deloitte… Signing Bonus: $10,000 (Canada: $3,000) (NZ: $2,000) Base: $72,500 (Canada: $60,000) (NZ: $44,000) (UK: £34,500) (Germany: €45,000) Relocation: DNK Performance Bonus: DNK (UK: up to 5% for 1st year analysts) – – – – – Total compensation: $82,500 + Retirement: Match 6% for 401k

For Ernst & Young… Signing Bonus: $5,000 Base: $68,000 Relocation: $1,000 (2,000 miles +) Performance Bonus: up to $2,000 – – – – – Total compensation: $75,000 + Retirement: 2.5% total compensation contributed to 401k

For KPMG… Signing Bonus: rare Base: $60,000, annual raise of 5-10% after first year Relocation: can be negotiated Performance Bonus: $3-$7,200 – – – – – Total compensation: $ Retirement: DNK

For McKinsey… Signing Bonus: $5,000 (Canada: $6,000) Base: $70,000 (Canada: 70,000) (Germany: €65,000) Housing: $5,000 Relocation: up to $3,000 (Germany: €3-€10,000) Performance Bonus: none for BAs – – – – – Total compensation: $80,000 Retirement: 12% of total annual compensation (Canada: $10,000 to RRSP)

For L.E.K.… Signing Bonus: $7,500 Base: $73,000 Relocation: $2,500 Performance Bonus: Worldwide bonus up to $14,600/20% of base – – – – – Total compensation: Up to $97,600

For Mercer… Signing Bonus: DNK Base: $60,000 based on 40 hour work week Relocation: DNK Performance Bonus: no bonus, instead paid time and a half for all hours over 40 – – – – – Total compensation: Variable Retirement: DNK

For IBM Global Business Services, Canada… Signing Bonus: $5,000 Base: $60,000 Relocation: $3,000 Performance Bonus: up to 12% of base – – – – – Total compensation: up to $75,200 Retirement: 4% pension matching

For Oliver Wyman… Signing Bonus: $10,000 (Canada: $10,000) Base: $75,000 (Canada: $75,000) Performance Bonus: up to $15,000 (20% of base salary) for your first year, and 40% of base salary for your second year (guaranteed) – – – – – Total compensation: $100,000 Retirement: DNK

For PwC… Signing Bonus: $3-5,000 Base: $65,000 (Canada: $55,000) Relocation: included in signing bonus Performance Bonus:  10-15% first year, increases each year (Canada: 5-15% discretionary) – – – – – Total compensation: $74,500 +

For ZS Associates… Signing Bonus: $5,500 (Canada: $5,000) Base: $60,000 (Canada: $75,000) Relocation: $4,000 (Canada: $2,500) Performance Bonus: 1st year average $6,000 (Canada: 1st year capped at 10% then removed) – – – – – Total compensation: 71,500 + Retirement: Match 3% for 401k

Here are a few more pre-MBA consulting salaries in EMEA:

  • For BCG in Amsterdam: €45,000 base, up to 15% bonus, €3,000 moving allowance
  • For Bain in Amsterdam: €42,000 base, up to 25% bonus, €4,000 moving allowance
  • For Booz in Amsterdam: €48,000 base, up to 15% bonus
  • For M/B/B in Spain: €30-35,000
  • For Deloitte and PwC in Spain: €20-25,000
  • For McKinsey Research Analyst in Poland: €22,000 base
  • For McKinsey Consultant in Poland: €50,000 base
  • For Deloitte Consultant in Poland: €43-45,000 base
  • For Deloitte/PwC Manager in Poland: €67,000 base

= = = = = First year out of MBA/grad programs = = = = =

For Accenture… Signing Bonus: $35,000 Base: $135,000 Relocation: $8,000 Performance Bonus: up to $43,500 – – – – – Total compensation: at least $170,000 Retirement: DNK Tuition reimbursement: up to $80,000 ($50,000 after taxes)

For A.T. Kearney Germany (MSc, not MBA)… Signing Bonus: DNK Base: €65,000 (PhD: €80,000) Relocation: €3-€10,000 Performance Bonus: €6,500-€9,750 (PhD: €16,000) – – – – – Total compensation: €71,500 + (PhD: €76,000 +) Retirement: 401k contribution up to $8,000 Auto: BMW 3 series, Audi A4, or Mercedes C-class

For Bain… Signing Bonus: $20,000 Base: $135,000 Performance Bonus: up to $35,000 for your first year – – – – – Total compensation: $184,000 Retirement: 401k contribution up to $8,000

For BCG… Signing Bonus: $20,000 Base: $135,000 Performance Bonus: up to $40,000 for your first year Relocation: $2-5,000 depending on distance – – – – – Total compensation: at least $197,000 Retirement: up to $9,000/5% of bonus + salary is put into retirement fund, no contributions required Down the road: Project leaders at BCG (approximately 2-3 years out of B-school) were paid $185,000 base.

For Deloitte… Signing Bonus: $35,000 (Canada non-MBA: $5,000) Base: $135,000 (Canada non-MBA: $70,000) Performance Bonus: DNK Relocation: $0-10,000 depending on distance (e.g. new hire who moved 200 miles was given $5,000) – – – – – Total compensation: at least $165,000 Retirement: monthly retirement fund portion match, year-end 10% retirement fund contribution

For Ernst & Young… Signing Bonus: $20,000 Base: $120,000 Performance Bonus: DNK – – – – – Total compensation: at least $140,000 Retirement: DNK

For Infosys… Signing Bonus: $20,000 Base: $117,000 Relocation: $3,000 non-discretionary relocation (reimbursement for movers/storage) Performance Bonus: DNK – – – – – Total compensation: $140,000 + Retirement: DNK

For KPMG: Signing Bonus: DNK Base: $130,000 Performance Bonus: DNK Relocation: DNK – – – – – Total compensation: $130,000 + Retirement & profit sharing: DNK

For L.E.K…. Signing Bonus: $25,000 Base: $135,000 Performance Bonus: up to $25,000 for your first year Relocation: $5,000 – – – – – Total compensation: at least $190,000 Retirement & profit sharing: up to $30,000

For McKinsey… Signing Bonus: $20,000 Base: $135,000 Performance Bonus: up to $35,000 for your first year Relocation: $2-9,000 depending on distance – – – – – Total compensation: at least $192,000 Retirement: up to $20,400/12% of bonus + salary is put into retirement fund, no contributions required

BCG and McKinsey post-grad/MBA salaries are almost identical — although McKinsey has a $10K lower base, they also have a $10K higher retirement contribution.

For Mercer… Signing Bonus: DNK Base: $85,000 Performance Bonus: up to $17,000/20% of base – – – – – Total compensation: at least $102,000 (does not include signing bonus) Retirement: DNK

= = = = = Summer Internships = = = = =

Summer internships range from a short 10-week period (par for the course in the U.S.) to a longer 16-week period (more popular in Canada and EMEA). The below are monthly salary figures for the internship, unless otherwise noted:

A.T.Kearney: $11,000 Accenture MBA: $11,000 + $4,000 relocation BCG: $12,500 BCG MBA: $12,500 Bain: $11,500 Deloitte: $11,500 + $2,500 joining bonus IMS: $11,000 + bonus L.E.K.: $11,000 McKinsey: $10,500 Parthenon Group MBA: $35,000, includes base + bonus (for 16 weeks) PwC: $27.50/hour + overtime (and 1 week trip to Disney World) (MBA rate $60/hr) ZS Associates: $11,000

Some perspective

Compared to 2011 and 2012 consulting salary levels–when the compensation data was fairly flat, hiring numbers were depressed, and competition for top talent from other industries (including Banking) was weak–we’re seeing some pickup in 2013. Many firms had higher targets going into fall recruiting and have offered slightly increased base salaries and signing bonuses.

Major acquisitions in 2012 have made some waves that will affect current and future hires in the consulting industry. Deloitte acquired a bankrupt Monitor and seems to be rising in the ranks in terms of attracting top candidates. IBM announced the acquisition of Kenexa, marking the company’s move into the global talent management market (catching up with SAP’s SuccessFactors and Oracle’s Taleo). Infosys purchased the Swiss firm Lodestone Holding AG and PwC bought Ant’s Eye View, a boutique social media strategy development and consulting firm. Accenture made several acquisitions in 2012, buying Singapore-based Newspage, marketing-focused firm avVenta Worldwide, Nokia Siemens Networks IPTV business, and Octagon Research Solutions in the pharma space.

Though these were dazzling and created ripples in our proud pond, no consulting acquisition made the news quite like Disney’s $4B purchase of Lucasfilm, one of the most momentous buys of 2012. (Sorry, we just had to throw that in there!)

As always, we want to share compensation data for as many firms, regions, and seniority levels as we can. If you’re a new hire for 2013, you can help us do that. Add your comment below or send us an email.

Have questions about compensation in management consulting? Curious about how your salary stacks up to consultants at other firms, in other regions, or in other industries? Leave your feedback below or email us.

Love our insider information on salaries? We have more insider information on what to expect and how to prepare to hit the ground running in our 3 Month Mastery resource. We will train you on what to brush up on and how to avoid fatal mistakes in the first 3 months of your career as a management consultant.

Update: 2018


  • bladeking

    Accenture MCDP salaries depend on location.

    For Chicago:
    Base: $70,000
    Signing: $8,000
    Performance: up to 10%
    Total Cash Compensation: up to $85,000

  • switch

    For Deloitte, base compensation ranges from $70,000 to $75,000.

  • bunty

    Are Singapore MBA consulting salaries similar to what’s posted above? Seems high considered the COL.

  • Carl

    Accenture MBA bonus potential should be 43.5k. There is an MC group of up to 30K, and an individual performance element of up to 10% of base. Retirement is a 100% match of first 6%.

  • boom

    LEK Undergrad (Chicago) compensation is:

    Signing Bonus: $7500
    Base: $73000
    Relocation: $2500
    Performance Bonus: Worldwide firm bonus up to $14600/20% of base
    Total compensation: Up to $97,600

  • Adam Allcock

    So am I right in thinking these $10-$13k listings for summer MBAs is for the full 10 weeks, and not a per month rate? It seems a bit strange less than a 1/3rd of full time pay for the same position. Any different in the UK?

  • consultant

    I can confirm the individual performance bonus is up to 10% for MCDP business analyst: 10% for being rated at the very top, 7.5% for significantly above; 4% for above and 2% for consistent with. Also, the 15% discount of Employee Share Purchase Plan should be noted. You can purchase up to $7500 worth of the shares with the 15% discount. A maximum of $1,125 saving.

  • zzz

    DTT MBA: 135k + 35k. Anyone know what’s the bonus for 1st MBA?

  • Anon_MBA

    Most of your figures for performance bonuses list figures “up to XX,000” (e.g. McKinsey up to 35,000) but your total compensation which says “at least XXX,000” (e.g. McKinsey at least 192,000) includes those maximum performance bonuses. Is it a maximum bonus or a guaranteed bonus?

  • Phillyd

    Accenture strategy and transformation straight from undergrad, Chicago office.

    Base: $73,000
    Signing bonus: $5,000
    Relocation (from VA to Chicago): $2,000
    Performance: “Up to” 10%
    Stock share: can buy up to $7500 twice a year at 15% discount rate. Pretty much $2,250 free money.

    Total comp, including stock share: $82,250- $89,500

  • anon

    IBM Global Business Services

    CBD, Canada, 1st yr, undergrad direct-entry

    (in CAD)
    Signing: $5K
    Base: $60K
    Relocation: $3K
    Performance Bonus: up to 12% of base
    ESPP: Shares at 5% discount
    4% pension matching

  • MBAconsulting

    PwC summer internship rate must be undergrad. MBA rate goes up to approx. $60/hr

  • DBrown

    Are these also applicable for Technology positions at the listed companies or do they have a different salary band?

  • Facts

    Deloitte Consulting MBA Intern is $11,250/mo + $2,500 signing

  • Facts

    Those are per month. I question some of the numbers though. The way I read it BCG FT base pay for MBA is lower than an SA’s base pay. Can’t be right.

  • WorkAndPlay

    Does anyone know is those bonus amounts are gross or net amounts after taxes? Thanks!

  • Knowledge

    What a scam, almost $9,000 more base than they gave the 2012 ITST class.

    Also, stock share is $7500 OR 10% of your salary. So not $2,250. The only people that hit the $7,500 cap are managers and SMs; partners can’t participate.

  • Knowledge

    I know Accenture’s Technology positions are less than the MC ones. I think substantially less, but could be wrong.

  • Anon_Undergrad

    Don’t know where you got the stat for OW 2013 Canada (undergrad). For Toronto it is 75k + 10k signing bonus. Also, from now on, there will be no distinction between FS and GMC.

  • Rohan

    Deloitte 2013 Summer Internship
    Joining Bonus: $2,500
    Compensation: $2,650 / week ($11,500 / month)
    Location: New York, NY

  • Anon_Undergrad

    Intern with BCG, undergrad. Internship salary is $12,500 for Summer Associate, not MBA.

  • PhillyD

    Are you in ITST at Accenture? I am very curious as to work that I’ll be doing and would love to talk to you in further detail about it.

  • Class 2013

    Urgent question: for post MBA, bonus is just in cash or part in cash and part in other form (shares, other?). Then on top of base + cash bonus there is the pension contribution right? I’m in particular interested in Bain. Thanks a lot for your help.

  • lagupt

    IBM GBS salaries are wrong…..the offers are $67-70K with $7K signing bonus…..don’t know where you got $60K with $5K signing bonus from

  • MBA 2013

    Speaking from experience, PwC MBA interns can easily clear $15K+ month depending on how much over time they work (summer 2013).

  • Datadiver

    I believe Parthenon data is incorrect. It’s 10 weeks not 16 weeks (summer internship)!

  • anon

    OW interns: $12500 (10 weeks) + 2500 signing
    FS had option to do 8 weeks for $10k+2500 signing (no longer divided)

    Both: 3% 401k matching

  • Jack

    Yeah BCG MBA pay of 12,500 seems off. I think it is probably 10,500 – 11,500. 12,500 means 150k base which is too high for an MBA consulting offer IMO

  • Anon

    Recently received my offer as a BCG associate. It does not say anything about the 15% retirement contribution on top of the 4400 PSRF. Does BCG mention this later on in the year?

  • Anon

    This. Cleared 15k/mo easy.

  • ARW

    I have been with Deloitte S&O for 3 years and was hired after completing my MBA. Base salary is currently only $95k and performance bonus is either 5% or 7.5% depending on my rating. I work in Canada…. Are our salaries really that much lower than in the U.S? Starting at 6 figures straight out of an MBA program would be unheard of here. Thoughts?

  • Sweet

    Base – $135,000
    Sign-on: $35,000
    Expected year end: $35,000
    401k: 6% match

  • Anon

    I got same base and signing.
    Where did you get info from year end and 401k?

  • pwcmba

    I also received this same offer, but wasn’t given numbers for 401k or year-end bonus. Was an MBA intern this summer and was offered this to come back full time next year.

  • ga tech grad

    IBM GBS undergraduate offer this year was 68,000 with 7 thousand signing bonus

  • Dave

    Would seem so. I have a post-MBA offer from US Deloitte S&O for $135k base + 0-25% performance (and second year tuition, relocation, etc)

  • Anon

    This may have varied by school, as I received an offer last week for 71K base with 7K signing bonus and up to 12% or 12.5% performance bonus (can’t remember which exactly)

  • ACN2013

    Hands down, Accenture has the best compensation package for MBA’s going into management consulting today. I interned with Accenture last year and just started with them full-time. My first year CASH compensation will be somewhere between $275K and $305K! Here is the breakdown: $135K base salary, $35K signing bonus, $10K early signing bonus (for returning interns only), $8K relocation, $74K Tuition reimbursement (they gross it up to account for taxes!), year-end bonus will be $13K-43K depending on performance. Accenture is making a strong push to bolster their strategy practice and they are clearly putting their money where there mouth is.

  • LG83

    I’m in the 2nd year of my MBA and interned at L.E.K. this summer. I just received my full-time return offer and was very happy with it:

    $140,000 base salary
    $25,000 signing bonus
    $25,000 tuition reimbursement
    $5,000 relocation
    Up to $25,000 performance bonus
    Up to 20% profit share (of base plus bonus)

    They illustrate total 1st year comp based on a top performer with a 12.7% profit share (I assume that’s an average % from previous years) bonus at $240,955. That’s:
    $140,000 base salary
    $55,000 guaranteed signing, tuition, relocation bonus (treated essentially the same as it’s paid in one lump sum)
    $45,955 performance and profit share bonus

    If the performance bonus was more average at $15k, I calculated that 1st year comp would still be around $230k with a 12.7% profit share. That’s higher than I’ve seen from my friends with offers from MBB and other firms.

  • Guest

    Accenture Canada post-MBA salary – 2013

    Base: 140,000 CAD
    Sign-on: 15,000
    Vacation: 4 weeks
    No other profit sharing or bonus information provided in the package
    Benefits: Pretty poor.

  • aspiring_consultant

    In comparing the Accenture figures above to glassdoor, glassdoor has some discrepancies. For example, a “Management Consultant” salary on glassdoor is $60-135k (avg. $87k) and a “Management Consulting Consultant” is $57-130k (avg. $81k), while above a post-MBA Accenture consultant salary is $135. Perhaps users on glassdoor are posting salaries under the wrong job titles, but I’d like to be sure.

    Are there any caveats to the above salaries for Accenture? Is $135k the typical starting salary for “consultant” level management consultants, whether in the management consulting horizontal group, or in one of the 5 industry operating groups?

  • WordUp

    Accenture MC Consultant Level East Coast:
    Base: $120
    Sign: $25
    Re-lo: $8

    This seems below standard, no?

  • bunmb

    What school did you attend? I just received my Fall 2014 start salary and got $135K base, $25K signing. Were you able to negotiate?

  • Guest

    Just got my McKinsey offer as Associate (2014 start) from top 7 US B School:
    Base: 135,000
    Relocation: 2,000 – 9,000
    Signing: 25,000
    Year End (not guaranteed): max of 35,000
    Retirement contribution: max of $20,400 or 12% of Base + Year End
    Excellent health and dental benefits
    19 days Paid Time Off
    Total Package for First Full year: $215K (including signing bonus)

  • undergrad

    You’re info is right. BCG offer also only has the profit sharing. 401k contributions are voluntary and not matched.

  • Undergrad

    IBM GBS Public Sector undergrad hire last year 2012 was:
    Salary: $65-67k
    Signing: $2-3k
    Relocation: $0 (required for public sector)
    Tuition Reimb: $0 – DNK (lottery system for tuition reimbur)
    Perf: $0-2k
    Pension: 4% match (not awarded every paycheck, only rewarded at year end)

  • needinfo

    Anyone have info on Booz Allen’s post-MBA compensation?

  • undergrad

    for people interested in Tech consulting
    My Accenture SI offer was 82k + 8k signing + 2k relocation for NYC location
    My Deloitte BTA offer was 72.5k + 10k signing for NYC location

  • experiencedhire

    Question – What is the pay like for an experienced hire for a Deloitte consultant in S&O? Not sure if this helps but I’ve put in 4 years in financial services.

  • Blythe

    Anybody know how Carlisle and Gallagher matches up to these companies?

  • Binny

    Where did you obtain the 0-25% performance bonus number for Deloitte from? My S&O offer letter does not mention any ranges for performance bonus, so I was wondering if you heard it from HR or from current consultants…any idea what is the more typical (median) number?

  • Binny

    Did you get any color on the 1st yr MBA bonus %?

  • Binny

    Rohan, did you get any color on the 1st yr MBA bonus % at Deloitte?

  • Will

    Well, I guess I got ripped off. I’ve worked as a Systems Engineer for a little over 3 years and just got hired as an experienced Analyst with Accenture. 75k base + 8k sign-on. My company countered 95k to keep me but I decided to move on still. If only I had come across this site 2 months ago.

  • pikachu

    The IBM GBS Consulting By Degrees (undergrad, commercial sector):
    Base – $71k
    Sign On: 7k
    Performance Based Profit Sharing: 0-12%
    401k: up to 5% match

  • pikachu

    hence why you shouldn’t work in public sector

    IBM GBS Consulting By Degrees (undergrad, commercial sector):
    Base – $71k
    Sign On: 7k
    Performance Based Profit Sharing: 0-12%
    401k: up to 5% match

  • pikachu

    Anon is right…

    The IBM GBS Consulting By Degrees (undergrad, commercial sector):
    Base – $71k
    Sign On: 7k
    Performance Based Profit Sharing: 0-12%
    401k: up to 5% match

  • Saurabh Saxena

    Hi I am a first year MBA student at UConn and would be interning with PwC this summer. I would be joining their risk assurance arm for ERP control and security. I have 9 years of prior ERP consultancy experience mostly in Europe and USA , while working for an Indian IT Company (Tata Consultancy). PwC has offered me $26.5 +OT for the internship. They have also offered me full time position but salary and designation needs to be discussed. I am trying to know what would be a fair compensation for my experience and qualification.

  • Dio

    Just got my BCG MBA summer offer for $26K / 10 weeks in a medium cost of living location.

  • Dio

    I was at Accenture strategy… they give the best starting package, but things slow down REAL quick, relative to everyone else.

  • Emc5

    Hi I am a sophomore right now and just applied for the student empowerment program for Accenture! I’m extremely excited and hope to start a career in management consulting especially at Accenture. Let me know any useful information you think I can benefit from!

  • Shawn

    Did you receive a signing bonus?

  • acn guy

    The $7500 is per offering period. There are 2 offering periods per year, so a limit if $15,000 Annually.

  • DLive

    are you Fresh out of college?

  • woo.

    Bain also offers relocation. Up to $15,000 depending on distance. (This is for 2013 MBA grads–should have clarified.)

  • El_bioeng

    Only one of these specifies for a PhD. Anyone know how a recent PhD graduate fares compared to these (which I assume apply mostly to MBA graduate)? Higher or lower? By a lot or a little?


  • TT

    I can also confirm that the EMEA Spain base salary for B/B is 35.000€ + up to a 25% bonus + health insurance.

  • Kay

    Hey I’m in my 2nd year of my degree studying business management and finance I want to go into consulting … Ideally i would prefer to do it abroad .. BCG really caught my eye ,I’ve read great reviews about them but I am a little stuck on what it is I do next. Do
    I apply for an internship or just wait till I finish my degree then send my grades in ? Help please

  • Zeke

    Wow! This is good to hear. I just started with Accenture as an analyst, but I would like to get my MBA as well. I did not know they offer tuition reimbursement.

  • Zeke

    I am in the same boat. (Although only ~18 months experience at time of hire.) I attempted to negotiate but I obviously failed. Knowing this I may attempt to request a raise, especially considering other cities cited on here with comparable cost of livings to my location received slightly higher.

  • Blackbelt sigma

    who wrote this nonsense! When i graduated in 1995 with my undergrad, I was already in 120k base plus 10% bonus. I was with Informix software then. I use to team up with Deloitte and PWC with engagements in the same ERP/MRP technology practices and their salaries are comparable. I made more money as an independent going C2C, than anything else. at moment of consulting throughout my career, I became senior manager (2006) at Capgemini 168k base, When I made a lateral move to Tata in 2008, my salary dropped to 156k base and bonus at 7k, plus moving expenses. Today, 2015 Accenture offers 145k for senior managers; and the salaries are not what they use to be. If you don’t make it by partner within your 5-7 year track from senior consultant, hang it up and start your won business!