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Firm Name Firm Size In-Depth Information Featured
A-LIGN 400 n
A3logics 500 n
AArete 360 Read Profile n
ABeam Consulting 4000 n
Abt Associates 2400 Read Profile n
Accenture 395000 Read Profile n
Accenture Federal n
Accenture Strategy n
Acquis Consulting Group 100 n
Advisory Board Company 1600 Read Profile n
Alexander Group n
AlixPartners 2000 Read Profile n
Alvarez & Marsal 4650 Read Profile n
Analysis Group 1200 Read Profile n
Analytics8 100 n
Aon Consulting Worldwide 65000 n
APEX Consulting 3000 n
Applied Value Group 100 Read Profile n
Archstone Consulting (a Hackett Group company) 250 Read Profile n
Arthur D Little 1200 Read Profile n
Artisan Healthcare Consulting 25 n
Ascent (Private Equity) 4 n
Atos 3000 n
Auditel 100 n
Avencore n
Aventi Group 10 n
Avicon Learning Resources 125 n
Axiom Consulting Partners 50 n
BAE Systems (Formerly Detica) 3000 n
Bainbridge 60 n
Bates White Economic Consulting 250 Read Profile n
BearingPoint 4300 Read Profile n
Beghou Consulting 175 n
Berkeley Research Group 1300 n
Blue Matter Consulting 100 Read Profile n
Booz & Company 3400 n
Booz Allen Hamilton 32000 Read Profile n
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 23500 Read Profile n
Brattle Group 500 Read Profile n
Bridgespan Group 320 Read Profile n
BTS Group 350 Read Profile n
Buck Consultants 2250 Read Profile n
Bulger Partners 35 Read Profile n
Cambridge Associates 1500 n
Cambridge Group 100 Read Profile n
CapCo 3000 n
Capgemini 290000 Read Profile n
Capgemini Invent 10000 n
CapTech Consulting 350 n
Carpedia International 27 n
Casey Quirk 30 n
CBPartners n
CCG Catalyst 50 n
Cedar Management Consulting 250 n
Celerant Consulting 80 n
Defined Health 30 n
Censeo Consulting Group 30 n
Centric Consulting 1000 Read Profile n
cg42 50 n
CGI Group 75000 Read Profile n
Charles River Associates International (CRAI) 1200 n
CIL Management Consultants 120 n
Cisco Systems Consulting 74200 n
Clarion Healthcare 50 n
Clarkston Consulting 400 Read Profile n
ClearView Healthcare Partners 275 Read Profile n
CMA Strategy Consulting 50 n
Coalfire 900 n
Cognizant 162700 n
Collaborative Solutions 1000 Read Profile n
Compass Lexecon 575 n
Cornerstone Research 775 Read Profile n
CR3 Partners 65 n
Crowe LLP n
Dalberg Global Development Advisors 150 n
DayBlink Consulting 50 Read Profile n
Deallus 125 n
Dean & Company 60 n
DeciBio Consulting 30 Read Profile n
Delivery Associates 125 n
Deloitte Consulting 290000 Read Profile n
Deloitte Federal n
Deloitte Government & Public Services n
Deloitte Human Capital n
Deloitte SSA n
Deloitte Tech n
Delta Partners 200 n
Design Laboratory 100 n
DGCpartners 10 n
Diamond Consultants 10 n
Droege Group 250 n
DXC Technology (formerly Computer Sciences Corp) 90000 n
Eagle Hill Consulting 300 Read Profile n
ECG Management Consultants 125 n
EPAM 750 n
EquiBrand Consulting 100 n
ERM 5500 n
Ernst & Young (EY) 275000 Read Profile n
Everest Group (Wavestone) n
Eversana Consulting n
Expressworks 150 n
EY-Parthenon 7000 Read Profile n
Feedback Ventures 750 n
First Manhattan Consulting Group (FMCG) 125 n
Fitzgerald Analytics 25 n
FMI 200 n
frog 3 n
FTI Consulting 6600 Read Profile n
FutureBrand 500 n
Gallup Consulting 2000 Read Profile n
Galt & Company (AlixPartners) 75 Read Profile n
Gartner 17000 Read Profile n
Gaussian Consulting n
GE Healthcare Partners 250 Read Profile n
Genpact n
GEP Worldwide 2900 n
GfK Custom Research North America 11000 Read Profile n
ghSMART 75 Read Profile n
Giuliani Partners 30 n
GlaxoSmithKline 50000 n
Grant Thornton 7000 n
Green Hasson & Janks (GHJ) 160 n
Greenwich Associates 200 n
Guidehouse (formerly Navigant Consulting) 7000 Read Profile n
Hackett Group 850 n
Health Advances LLC 170 Read Profile n
Healthcare Futures n
Hitachi 7500 n
HoriZen Capital 7 n
Hugessen 6 n
Huron Consulting 3600 n
IBM Global Business Services/IBM Consulting 10000 Read Profile n
Ignyte Group 50 Read Profile n
Impact Advisors 300 Read Profile n
IncrementOne 10 n
INDEVCO Consultancy 300 n
Infosys 210000 Read Profile n
Innosight (Acquired by Huron) 125 n
Insight Sourcing Group 100 Read Profile n
Insigniam 75 Read Profile n
Investor Group Services (IGS) 60 n
IQVIA Consulting Services 74000 Read Profile n
IRI Growth Consulting 4000 n
Jabian Consulting 100 Read Profile n
Jacobs 55000 n
JDA 2600 n
Kaiser Associates 320 n
Kalypso 400 n
Kantar 25000 Read Profile n
Kearney 3500 Read Profile n
Kenway Consulting 65 Read Profile n
Kepler Cannon n
Keystone Strategy 125 n
Kin + Carta 1700 n
Korn Ferry (formerly Hay Group) 2400 Read Profile n
KPMG 200000 Read Profile n
Kroll (formerly Duff and Phelps) 5000 n
Kurt Salmon Associates (Accenture Strategy) 1600 n
Kx Advisors n
L+R 30 n
Larx Advisors 50 n
LeapPoint Consulting 50 Read Profile n
LeighFisher 400 n
Lewin Group (subsidiary of Ingenix) 320 n
Lightwell 200 n
Lippincott 150 Read Profile n
Logistics Management Institute 840 n
LTI 40000 n
Maine Pointe 150 Read Profile n
Marakon Associates/Marakon Consulting 200 n
Mars & Co 195 n
MasterCard Advisors n
McKinsey & Company 30000 Read Profile n
Mercer Management and HR Consulting 22000 Read Profile n
Metyis 300 n
Miller Heiman Group (Formerly AchieveGlobal) 1000 n
Milliman 2800 n
Mitchell Madison Group 100 n
Monitor Deloitte 1600 n
MorganFranklin 350 n
Moss Adams 3200 n
Neoris 3000 n
NERA Economic Consulting 675 Read Profile n
North Highland Company 786 Read Profile n
Northbridge Group 25 n
Novantas 125 Read Profile n
Novartis 121000 n
NTT Data (Formerly Carlisle & Gallagher) 800 n
OC&C Strategy Consultants 500 Read Profile n
Ocean Strategy 10 n
Oliver Wyman 5200 Read Profile n
Ollen Group 25 n
Omnex 400 n
Otrya Consulting 5 n
Otto & Company n
PA Consulting Group 2100 n
Pace Harmon 30 n
Pariveda Solutions 700 Read Profile n
Partners in Performance 750 n
Pearl Meyer & Partners 125 n
Peloton Consulting Group n
PM360 Consulting n
Point B 400 n
Porsche Consulting 670 n
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 250000 Read Profile n
Princeton Consultants 125 n
ProcureAbility n
Prophet 135 n
Protiviti 7000 n
Putnam Associates 150 Read Profile n
Renoir Consulting Group 400 n
Resolute Consulting 40 n
Revel Consulting 400 n
Rios Partners n
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants 2400 Read Profile n
RSM (formerly McGladrey) 43000 Read Profile n
Saba 1400 n
SAIC 3000 n
Satori 40 n
ScottMadden 200 n
Seabury Consulting 225 Read Profile n
Segal Company 950 n
SEI 300 Read Profile n
Sendero Consulting 225 n
Simon-Kucher & Partners 1700 Read Profile n
Singular Group 25 n
Slalom Consulting 9500 Read Profile n
Sogeti n
Spaulding Ridge 300 Read Profile n
SSA & Company 500 n
SSI Strategy 75 n
Stern Stewart & Company 125 n
Stonewater Partners 15 n
Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) 100 n
Strategos 30 n
Strategy People Culture 10 n
Strategy& 3800 Read Profile n
Strive Consulting n
Stroud 50 n
SVB Leerink (formerly Leerink Swann) 200 n
Syneos Health 27000 Read Profile n
Synpulse 475 n
Targus Consulting 50 n
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 370000 n
Tefen 300 n
The Chartis Group 500 Read Profile n
The Keystone Group 40 Read Profile n
The Mind Company 30 n
The Poirier Group 50 Read Profile n
The Powers Company 50 n
The Trium Group 30 n
Third Horizon Consulting 50 n
ThoughtWorks 2500 n
Triage Consulting Group (now Cloudmed) 400 n
Triangle Insights Group 35 Read Profile n
Trinity Life Sciences 100 Read Profile n
Várri Consultancy 2 n
Vivaldi Group 125 n
Vizient, Inc. n
Wachs Strategies 3 n
Wavestone 3500 Read Profile n
Wellspring Consulting 10 n
West Monroe 1500 Read Profile n
Whiteshield Partners 100 n
Willis Towers Watson (WTW) 14000 Read Profile n
Wilson Perumal & Company 37 n
Xynteo 100 n
ZS Associates 10000 Read Profile n