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Special Occasions is a family-owned business that primarily started as a bakery but now has expanded to provide catering for events in the greater Boston Area. The company provides these services to customers via individual contracts for children and adult parties or through contract vendors to provide cakes & catering for weddings.

Over the past two years, Special Occasions has experienced a decline in profits. The COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted the business. The CEO pivoted the business model and started offering food services via its catering division (like a restaurant) to maintain staff and prevent layoffs. This move has helped prevent revenue decline and offered a source of income.

However, increased vaccinations and a reduction in COVID-19 cases have allowed larger weddings to take place again. The CEO of Special Occasions believes that the company can capitalize on this by entering the wedding planning industry.

The CEO of Special Occasions wants you to assess if they should create another business segment that focuses on wedding planning. Will this be a profitable venture?

Case Study Overview

Your client is a company in the retail industry offering catering services for events. The CEO wants your help to determine if the company should create another business segment focused on wedding planning. Your job is to dig into the numbers and answer his question using data and your business acumen.

What framework will you create to solve this problem? You can use the Profitability Framework for starters, but don’t rely heavily on the basic frameworks. Show your interviewer that are able to think critically to solve the problem at hand.

There are several math exhibits in this case. This is an entry-level case such as one you might see in a first round case McKinsey case interview.

McKinsey Interview Tips

What does McKinsey look for in its case interview candidates? Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Showcase your ability to logically think through a problem, structure an approach to the problem, and follow it through to a solution.

After you complete the case, identify 1 or 2 opportunities for growth.

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