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Case Study Intro

Too Many Books: Storage and distribution dilemma

Books Galore is a company in the publishing industry with stable sales, in regards to both volume and value.

Its distribution warehouse, which is used for storage and order preparation, is reaching maximum capacity, resulting in a rapid deterioration in the quality of service.

The Head of Books Galore’s distribution subsidiary wishes to build an extension to the distribution warehouse, at a £10m cost, though the project would bring no additional revenues.

The CEO has asked you to determine whether the investment is necessary or whether it can be better used elsewhere

What framework would you use to resolve this case?

Case Overview

This company case study features a publishing company that has run into a capacity issue and needs to expand with a new warehouse. Your job is to dig into the potential investment cost to determine if the expansion is worth the high cost.

What framework will you build to help you solve the business problem inside this case? The Profitability Framework may be a good starting place, but consider that consulting firms want to see you move beyond the basic case frameworks. Get creative and build a custom framework tailored to the problem at hand.

This is a company case study tailored to a first round interview.

BCG Interview Tips

To succeed in your BCG case interview, focus on what the firm values: communication and structure.

You need to demonstrate that you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of frameworks. In addition, you must be able to clearly communicate your structure and process.

Take your case practice to the next level by doing a short assessment of your strengths/weaknesses in the case. What is 1 area that deserves extra attention as you continue to practice for your case interviews?

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