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KPMG Case Study Prompt

A major American airline is considering establishing new routes from Tokyo to several sites in the United States. They are engaging you to determine if you would recommend that they take this action.

What framework would you use to solve this question?

Case Study Overview

The client in this KPMG case study is an airline that is looking at expanding international routes, specifically out of Tokyo. Your job is to dig in the market, the company, competitors, etc. to determine if the expansion is a smart business move (i.e. will it be profitable?).

Now that you understand the case question, it’s time to build a structure to help solve the case. What custom framework will you come up with? Use your creativity and business acumen to create a framework tailored to the specifics needs of the case.

This is an entry level KPMG case study. You would find a similar case inside a first round interview at KPMG. The case has no math diagrams.

KPMG Interview Tips

KPMG is a consulting firm that puts a high value on compatibility and technical knowledge in their interview process.

As you walk through the case, remember to stay engaged. Don’t turn into a robot presenting information.

In this KPMG case study, focus on coming away with 1 or 2 takeaways that you can improve upon in your case practice.

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