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Need case interview math practice? This Booz Allen Hamilton case provides a good starting place.

Case Study Intro

Tobacco is a commodity and revenues in the tobacco industry are flat.

The #2 and #3 tobacco leaf processors are considering a merger. The new merged company will be 75% of the #1 company.

Over the past five years, #2 has had flat revenues and slight profitability. #3 has had declining revenues and profitability. Both are global organizations with operations, plants, and distribution at a global level. They overlap in most, but not all, markets.

They want to know what factors they should consider in determining whether to merge and what opportunities and barriers exist.

Describe the framework you would use for this case.

Case Study Overview

This Booz Allen Hamilton case study involves 2 tobacco leaf processors that want to merge. Your job is to analyze all relevant factors, and inform the companies on how to proceed with the merger.

The M&A Framework marks a good starting point for your structure, but keep in mind that consulting firms don’t want to see you relying solely on the traditional frameworks. Combine your business experience with your structuring knowledge to build a custom structure best suited to the case.

This is an entry level M&A case. You would find a case like it in a first round at Booz Allen. This case provides some lower-level case interview math practice. It shouldn’t be too difficult to calculate.

Booz Allen Hamilton Interview Tips

What does BAH look for in its case interview candidates? Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.

The emphasis with the firm is more on personality and communication, so make sure those are points of emphasis as you walk through the case.

One extra thing for this case: after you run through the case (out-loud, preferably!), take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Then, do drill-based practice to double down on those areas. That is the way to case proficiency!

For out-loud case interview math practice with an expert, book an hour with an ex-MBB coach.

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