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Case Study Prompt

The Titleist Golf Ball Company is a global manufacturer and supplier of golf balls. It is present in almost every market in the world. One country where they are not yet available is the African country of Malawi. Currently they have no representation in the country and have no information on the size of the market.

By way of background, Malawi is a small country between Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. It has a population of 11 million and a GDP/cap of $158. There is no detailed, reliable information on population demographics available.

The CEO wants to know, should they enter the market and if so, how?

How would you go about analyzing this?

Case Study Overview

Your job in this company case study is advise the CEO of a golf ball company on a decision involving a new market entry. Evaluate the most important factors in order to understand the situation, then present your findings to the CEO – go or no/go?

Use the Market Study Framework as you start to lay out a structure for the case. Remember to work outside the traditional case frameworks in order to create the best structure for the business situation in the case – whatever it takes to solve the problem!

This is an advanced level company case study. You might see something similar in a BCG final round interview. There are no math exhibits inside the case study.

BCG Interview Tips

BCG is looking for candidates that bring at least 2 things to the table: a clear structure and the ability to articulate that structure.

When going through the case, make sure that your structure is crystal-clear in your mind, and that you verbalize each step of the process. Make the focus of your presentation how you arrived at the answer, as opposed to the answer itself.

To get the most out of this company case study, time yourself. Spend 4 minutes to build and present your framework, 5 minutes for math, 2 minutes for brainstorming, and 2 minutes for a presentation.

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