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Kearney Case Study Intro

Your client is a tissue paper manufacturer. Their products include facial tissue, napkins and bathroom tissues. The client has a consumer business and a commercial business.

The CEO of the firm is facing pressure to improve the firm’s profitability. To improve profitability, the CEO is considering increasing the average price on commercial products by 10% and wants to know whether he should do it.

You have two weeks to conduct the assessment.

Describe the framework you would use to solve this case.

Case Study Overview

The client in this Kearney case study is a tissue paper manufacturer facing pressure to improve profitability. You’ve been hired to advise the company on a strategy it thinks will work to improve profits.

How will you assess the strategy? It’s time to build the structure that will help you solve the case. We recommend that you use the Profitability Framework to kick off your structure, but don’t rely heavily on the basic case frameworks. Use your creativity and case experience to create a custom framework tailored to the specifics of the business situation in the case.

This entry level Kearney case study is like a case you will get in a first round at Kearney or a comparable firm. There are no case math charts/graphs in the case.

Kearney Interview Tips

Kearney looks for candidates that are comfortable with intense mental math, and follow a logical problem-solving process.

Shore up your quant abilities with our free math drills.

For this case study, make a point to come away with 1-2 takeaways or areas you can improve.

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