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Case Interview Intro

There is a tin mining cartel consisting of Country A, B, C, and D. Every year the four governments get together to decide how much to produce according to demand forecasts, and allocate the production quota evenly among them. Now, Country A is thinking about withdrawing from the cartel.

Country A has comes to you for advice.

How will you structure your framework when deciding what to tell them?

Case Interview Overview

McKinsey is known for their interviewer led case interviews. To replicate a real interview environment, run through this case with a case study buddy/partner.

Your client is a country that is a part of a tin mining cartel – similar to a government body of decision-makers. The client is wanting to exit the cartel, and has asked you to help with the decision. What will you advise them to do?

You can use any of the case frameworks that you think will help solve the problem in this case. Whatever you do, build the most effective structure you can. Get creative, nothing is off limits!

Prepping for a McKinsey first round interview? This interviewer led case will help you get there. There are no case math diagrams inside the case.

McKinsey Interview Tips

Want to impress in your McKinsey interview? Build a strong structure, and communicate it clearly.

The firm highly prizes those 2 tenets in its case interview candidates.

After you run through the case (out-loud and with a partner, preferably), take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Identify 1 weakness that you want to double down on in your continuing practice.

Need out-loud case practice with a partner? Book time with an ex-MBB coach today. Find more McKinsey interviewer led cases back in the Case Library.

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