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Case Study Prompt

Tim Hortons does not currently accept Visa. They are wondering if they should.

What framework would you choose to resolve this issue?

Case Study Overview

The client in this PwC case interview is Tim Hortons, the Canada-based coffee chain. The company doesn’t accept Visa as a payment method, and has come to you for help in deciding how to move forward: keep the current system, or change to accept Visa? What will you advise the client to do?

You’ll want to use the Profitability Framework to help solve this business problem. Remember that the best case interviewers blend frameworks and their own business experience to build custom frameworks customized for the specific problem in the case.

This case is an entry-level case – one you would expect in a first round PwC case interview.

PwC Case Interview Tips

In case interviews, PwC is looking for candidates that have a strong ability to prioritize what is most important.

As you practice this case and other cases, be sure to focus on your ability to identify key drivers that will help you solve the business problems you encounter.

Take your case practice to the next level by doing an assessment of your efforts inside the case. What is 1 area that deserves extra attention as you continue to practice for your interviews?

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