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Case Preview

Case Study Intro

A movie studio client has an extensive library of hit movies from prior years.

As part of your effort to find new sources of profit for the company, you are to assess the viability of digitizing the movie reels and making them available online through a streaming service for a fee.

Describe the framework you would use to solve this case.

Case Study Overview

Consulting cases like this require you to determine the viability of a new market for a business. In this case, the client is a movie studio that is looking to increase profits. One potential source the company wants you to analyze is the idea of creating an online streaming service. Is this a good idea (i.e. will it be profitable?) and if so, what are next steps the company needs to take?

Utilize the Market Study Framework in your process for building out a structure for the case without becoming reliant on the basic framework. In business, there are no one-size-fits-all solution – the reality is no different in consulting cases or case interviews.

This Bain case study will help you prepare for a final round interview. There are multiple math exhibits inside the case needing to be interpreted (exhibits = visual representations of data).

Bain Case Interview Tips

Bain looks for practicality in its case interview candidates.

Is your framework in the case able to be translated to a real-world business scenario? Are the work-streams created from the structure practical and feasible?

Get the most out of your case study practice by practicing clear communication and exec-level polish as you run through the case.

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