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Case Preview

Case Study Intro

Your client is a telephone company trying to reduce the costs and improve performance in the repair service operation.

How will you approach their problem and implement a solution?

Begin by illustrating the framework you would use in this case.

Case Study Overview

The goal in this PwC case interview is to help the client – a telephone company – cut costs and improve profitability. How will you approach this business problem?

You can use the Profitability Framework to help build out your structure for the case problem. Remember that the best casers utilize their creativity and business acumen to build a custom structure tailored to the specifics of the case.

This is an entry-level profitability case you would likely see in a first round PwC case interview. There are no case math exhibits/diagrams inside the case.

PwC Interview Tips

What does PwC look for in its case interview candidates? The ability to prioritize what’s most important inside complex business problems.

This is a critical tenet in consulting – the ability to identify the right things that lead to profitable outcomes.

In addition, identify 1 area of weakness inside this PwC case interview to focus on in your continuing case practice.

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