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Case Preview

Looking for case interview practice? This BCG market entry case can kick you off. Dive into the prompt now.

Case Study Intro

Your client is interested in telematics (wireless service to vehicles). They want to know if they should enter this new market and if so, how?

What framework would you use to best answer this question?

Case Overview

In this market study case, the client is looking to enter a new market. Your job is to make the decision process clear for the client. Go or no-go?

Use the Market Study Framework to help build out your framework for this case. However, the best case interviewers are able to mix and match different frameworks to create a structure most suited to the case.

This is an entry level case study, good for first round case interview practice.

BCG Case Interview Tips

What does BCG value in its case interview candidates? BCG wants to see you follow a logical problem-solving process, and to communicate your process clearly and confidently.

Make sure that you verbalize each part of your process as you walk through this case.

For the best case interview practice, identify 1 specific problem area inside the case. Drill down on that area as you continue to practice.

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