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Case Preview

Case Study Intro

A telecom company is interested in diversifying into other areas besides telecommunications. They are considering entering the market for electronic home security systems.

You have been asked to recommend whether they do so or not.

What framework do you think best addresses this case?

Case Study Overview

The client in this PwC case interview is a telecom company that wants to enter a new market. You’ve been hired to look into the new market and identify potential obstacles or red flags. What will your recommendation to the client be?

You can apply the market entry framework to help you solve for the solution to the case, but don’t rely only on the basic frameworks. Use your business acumen and case experience to build a custom framework.

This case is like one you would expect in a first round PwC case interview. No math exhibits are involved.

PwC Case Interview Tips

PwC looks for candidates with the ability to prioritize what’s most important inside the case.

This is a critical tenet in consulting – the ability to find the right things that will lead to the solution for complex business problems.

Identify 1-2 areas inside the case where you have an opportunity for growth. Make those areas points of emphasis in your ongoing case practice.

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