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Accenture Case Study Prompt

Our client is one of 4 new entrants who purchased wireless spectrum in a recent federal auction. They have contacted us because they want to know what they need to do next.

What framework would you utilize to answer this question?

Case Study Overview

Your client in this Accenture case study is a telecom company looking to enter the market. The firm is looking for next steps after making a wireless spectrum purchase recently. How will you help them move forward?

Now it’s time to build a framework (structure) that will help you solve the problem. We recommend that you use the Market Study Framework as you are laying out your structure for the case. Keep in mind to use your creativity to build a custom structure tailored to the specific needs of the case.

Preparing for a final round case interview? This Accenture case study is equivalent to what you could expect in a final round at Accenture. The case contains no math diagrams.

Accenture Interview Tips

Make sure your ideas are structured and follow a logical pattern of thought. Accenture looks for candidates that display logic and structure.

However, the firm has a value for creativity. Feel free to think outside the box and showcase your ability to think creatively in high-stress business situations.

In this Accenture case study, also focus on presenting yourself with confidence and communicating clearly throughout the case.

Book time with an expert coach who will help you drill down on your gap areas inside the case interview.

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