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The merger of two major technology companies forged a team of 140,000 employees with capabilities in 160 countries, doing business in 43 currencies and 15 languages.

Contested by key members of the board until the final hours of the transaction the merger had a media “fishbowl” effect. In addition, myriad rumors regarding layoffs heightened internal anxiety. The client needed to quickly formulate a strategy to deal with the rumors, stabilize the workforce, and set the strategic agenda for change.

How would you structure an approach for the company’s executives to successfully address the potential issues and realize the full value of the acquisition?

Please outline potential issues and how they could be addressed. Using business logic and explaining rationale is key.

Case Study Overview

Unlike your typical strategy case, this Deloitte human capital case study will require you to work more on the HR side of business as opposed to the financial side. The client has just undergone a major merger, and is experiencing an HR nightmare in the aftermath.

Build a structure to help you solve the business problem in the case. Because this case is a human capital case, the approach to solve it must be different than a typical strategy case. However do not abandon the use of a framework. Structure is just as important when working with human capital as it is with financial capital.

This Deloitte human capital case study will help you prep for a first round interview at Deloitte HC. There are no math exhibits in the case.

Case Study Prompt

What does Deloitte value in its candidates in the Human Capital practice? The ability to blend business strategy and HR skills.

In this Deloitte human capital case study, make sure your upfront case structure is sound, and that you convey confidence in working with the human relations aspect of the case.

In addition, do a quick assessment of your performance in the case. Come away with 1 area to focus on in your ongoing case prep.

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