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Brushing up on your frameworks? Case interview math? Brainstorming questions? This McKinsey case is a good place to start.

Case Study Prompt

John Malone of TCI Commissions asked you to look into a concern that he has. He has heard that Hughes is planning to launch a commercial satellite that will offer cable TV services to the domestic market. He wants to know if this is a credible threat to John’s monopoly position in cable TV services. If it is credible, he wants to know what TCI should do.

Upon inquiry you find that it would cost Hughes $5B to get this satellite in the air and operational. You also find out that it will offer 200 channels whereas TCI only offers 50.

You need to estimate the revenues and costs for Hughes to see if this was a credible threat or not.

Case Study Overview

The client in this McKinsey case is in the telecom industry is worried about a potential competitive threat entering the market. Your job is to research the competitor, and find out if the concern is valid.

Build the best structure you can to help you effectively solve the case study. The Market Study Framework may come in handy as you are putting together your framework.

The case is at an advanced level – something you would expect in a final round at McKinsey. The case interview math will also challenge you – ready to crunch some numbers?

McKinsey Interview Tips

The key to succeeding in a McKinsey interview is to nail it with your structure and communication. Can you remain structured, i.e. organized, from start-to-finish in the case?

Can you communicate clearly through each part of the case (structure, case interview math, brainstorming, presentation, etc.)?

Make the most out of your practice time by timing yourself as you move through the case: 2min to build structure and 2min to present it; 2min each for a brainstorming question; 2min for final recommendation.

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