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Case Study Intro

The CEO of Taco Bell is considering hiring your firm for a multi-million dollar project. But first, they want to be sure you have the ability to understand their business. As a new consultant fresh from Wharton, you’ve been asked by the managing partner to develop a presentation detailing current store performance for the CEO.

The presentation can only be six power-point panels long, must be easy to read and communicate the information at the CEO level (get above the details).

To help you in your presentation, you are allowed to ask a Taco Bell data base expert for six, and only six, areas of data of your choice. List the six areas of information and develop a rough six panel presentation. (hand-drawn).

Develop a presentation detailing current store performance for the CEO.

Overview of the Case

Start off your case study practice by reading through the case intro/prompt. The task for you inside the case is to create a presentation detailing Taco Bell’s current store performance using a limited amount of data. Are you up for the challenge?

After you understand the problem, it’s time to build a structure to solve the business problem in the case. Get creative and apply your knowledge of the frameworks to create a custom structure tailored to the problem at hand.

This is a case similar to a case you can expect inside a first round interview at Strategy&. There are no math diagrams inside the case.

Strategy& Interview Tips

Strategy& has a high value for creative approaches to problem solving.

Stretch yourself in working outside the basic case frameworks and finding out-of-the-box solutions to case problems.

For quality case study practice, time yourself as you walk through the case (2min for structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion).

Get out-loud case study practice by booking a 1-hour session with an ex-MBB case coach.

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