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Case Prompt

Our client is a supermarket in the UK. They’ve been the market leader for 50+ years; however in the past 3 years they have seen growth stall, and an upstart take their market share. They are now at 30% market share & flat growth.

What’s wrong? How do you help them fix the problem?

Case Study Overview

In this case, the client is a supermarket in the UK. The company has seen growth stall, and market share decline. Your task is to find the source of the problem, and recommend a strategy to take back market share.

You can use the Profitability Framework to solve this case and other types of case study like it, but don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks! Create the structure that will help you best solve the problem presented to you in the case.

This is a beginner level case – similar to one you could expect in a first round at BCG.

BCG Interview Tips

BCG is impressed with candidates that demonstrate these 2 things: a logical structure, and clear communication.

Dig deep to build a structure that follows business principles.

As you practice this case and other types of case study, emphasize your out-loud communication of your process. Clear communication is more critical in virtual case interviews.

Book a session with an ex-MBB coach for help effectively solving cases like this and other types of case study.

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