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McKinsey Case Intro

You have a have recently been assigned to a project with one of the nation’s super regional banks. The bank is one of the top 10 largest retail banks in the country. Like most banks in its class it has branches in 8 geographically contiguous states.

Your client has recently concluded that the old “local branch” way of business is no longer viable. Typically, this bank has canvassed its territory with small freestanding branches; however, the new age of electronic banking and commerce is changing all of that.

They are considering replacing many branches with Calling Centers. Calling Centers offer both live and phone automated services that may be accessed by phone. The new Centers would offer virtually all of the services currently offered through local branches plus some additional things.

The question to you is: how would you go about setting up the engagement to determine the viability of this new concept? Specifically, what kinds of things would you investigate? And what hypothesis would you form?

Case Overview

Your client in this case is a large bank that is looking at a new method of conducting business. Your job is to determine the viability of the new concept. Go or no-go?

Build a structure for the case that will best help you solve the case. Use the Market Study Framework, keeping in mind that consulting firms never want to see you force-fit a business problem into a framework. Instead, create a custom structure tailored to the specific needs of the case.

This is one of many first-round level consulting case studies from the case library. It’s a beginner-level case that you might see in a first round at McKinsey. There are no math charts or graphs needing to be interpreted in the case.

McKinsey Interview Tips

McKinsey is consistently impressed by candidates with clear communication skills.

As you walk through the case problem, focus on how you verbalize your process and recommendations.

Take your case practice to the next level by doing a self-assessment of your performance inside the case. What is 1 area that deserves extra attention as you continue to practice for your case interviews?

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