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Kearney Case Study Intro

Your client is a bank vault manufacturer, mostly focusing on the large walk-in type. It’s a very mature business and they are the largest supplier in the industry. In order to diversify their business and provide growth, the client has bought a company that specializes in high technology security devices.

One of this company’s biggest and most promising products was a pen that has the ability to distinguish if the person signing anything is in fact the owner of the pen.

Additional Information:

  • Pens cost $20 to manufacture at capacity
  • The technology is very compact, very thin, very reliable, and incredibly secure; essentially fraudulent- proof.

The client would like you to define the following:

  • Who would the customers of this technology be?
  • How do we market to them?
  • What is our value proposition?

Case Study Overview

This consulting case library case is a market study case. Read through the prompt to gain an understanding of the case problem. Your job in the case is to develop a go-to-market strategy for a bank vault manufacturer.

Build the structure that will help you most effectively solve the case problem. You can incorporate the Market Study Framework into your structure, but don’t rely on the basic case frameworks. The best case interview candidates blend frameworks and their own business experience to build a custom framework tailored to the business problem in the case.

Prepping for a first round interview? This case is good practice for that. The case has no math exhibits.

Kearney Interview Tips

What does Kearney look for in its case interview candidates? Strong quant and problem-solving abilities.

Make sure your mental math is sharp!

Make the most of this case by doing an audit of your performance in the case. Identify 1-2 areas that you can home in on for your case prep.

Book an hour with an ex-MBB coach who can work with you to create a customized case interview prep plan. Find more cases by heading back to the consulting Case Library.

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